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JR Birds Foxtail Millet, Yellow

Product description

JR Birds Foxtail Millet, Yellow 5 7
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Product description

Tasty and easy to digest supplement for all ornamental birds. Attaches easily to the cage with a clip or clothes peg. Your bird will love nibbling and picking at the seed.
Foxtail-millet is a tasty, easy to digest treat that is easy to attach to the cage with a clothespin. Parakeets, canaries, and exotic birds especially love foxtail-millet. It's great fun for a bird to "gather" the seed out of the hull by him or herself. This fosters your pet's well-being and keeps him or her busy instead of bored.

Foxtail-Millet is also well-suited for breeding pairs or when raising a young bird. For young or ill birds, Foxtail-Millet provides an important food supplement.


100% millet.

JR Birds Foxtail Millet, Yellow is a single feed for budgies, canaries and exotic birds.

Analytical constituents

protein 10.2 %
fat 4.6 %
fibre 10.8 %
ash 3.0 %


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