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Animonda Kitten Mixed Pack 32 x 100g

Product description

Animonda Kitten Mixed Pack 32 x 100g 4 6
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Product description

Pack with 32 x 100g Animonda vom Feinsten Kitten (3 varieties) packed full of tasty, healthy ingredients and suitable for kittens over 4 weeks old.

Feeding your kitten the right food is the basis for a long and healthy life. It is important give your kitten food which contains carefully selected ingredients that are easy to digest so that it absorbs all the nutrients it needs to develop properly. Up to 90% of the energy consumed is used for growth so young kittens have a high energy demand and need plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals. This wet cat food contains all the nutrients your young kitten needs to develop into a strong and healthy cat. It does not contain soya, artificial colours or preservatives.

The Animonda Kitten Mixed Pack contains:

  • 11 x with Beef
  • 11 x with Poultry
  • 10 x with Lamb

The Animonda Kitten Mixed Pack is a great way to see which products your kitten likes. All products are freshly made with premium ingredients and provide your little cat with a natural and species appropriate food.


With Beef:
63% meat and animal by-products (25% beef, chicken, pork), stock, minerals

With Poultry:
63% meat and animal by-products (20% poultry, pork, beef), stock, minerals

With Lamb:
63% Meat and animal by-products (chicken, pork, beef, 8% lamb), stock, minerals

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (200 IU/kg), iodine (0.1mg/kg), copper (0.5mg/kg), manganese (1.4mg/kg), zinc (5.7mg/kg)

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation per cat in g/day:

Animonda vom Feinsten Kitten is a complete wet cat food.


Adult cat's weight 2 months 3 months 5 months > 5 months
3kg 55g 225g 230g 260g
5kg 145g 270g 350g 395g
7kg 155g 330g 430g 455g


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