Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g

Beef, Chicken & Cheese
: 5/5
Animonda Carny Senior cat food is a top-quality complete food with meat that's easy to chew for cats from seven years of age, prepared using select, high quality chunks of meat...further information
Product description
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g
€6.24 / kg

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Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g - Beef, Chicken & Cheese...
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Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g

- Beef, Chicken & Cheese...

€6.24 / kg

Product description

Animonda Carny Senior cat food is a top-quality complete food with meat that's easy to chew for cats from seven years of age, prepared using select, high quality chunks of meat

Animonda Carny Senior cat food is particularly formulated with easily chewable chunks for the specific nutritional needs of elderly cats. Cats are carnivores and won't stand for low quality meat. That's why Animonda Carny cat food is made exclusively from select, high quality meat. Fresh and carefully produced. In juicy, hearty chunks. This means no other additives are required to improve the flavour. Animonda Carny is guaranteed to be free from soy, artificial flavours, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

Animonda Carny has a natural, unadulterated, typical meaty flavour that all cats adore. And since Animonda Carny only contains fresh meat, it loses none of the fibrous structure. Please be careful when opening the can. All meat varieties that are declared on the packaging are contained within the can. Animonda Carny Senior offers all older cats over 7 years old easily chewable chunks.

Animonda Carny Senior 6 x 200g at a glance:

  • A balanced complete food for senior cats
  • Ideal for cats with food intolerances or allergies
  • Grain free: For best acceptance and easy digestion
  • Only contains meat and offal: for high quality taurine and natural protein
  • All ingredients on the label: no added extras
  • No artificial additives: No preservatives or colourings, flavour enhancers or soya
  • Made in Germany



Go to analytical constituents

Beef, Chicken with Cheese: beef (33%, lung, heart, meat, kidney, udder), chicken (28%, liver, stomach), cheese (4%), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride.

Beef & Turkey Hearts: beef (50%, meat, liver, lung, heart, kidney, udder), turkey heart (15%), calcium carbonate.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
3a671 (200 IU), 3b202 (0.75mg), 3b503 (1.4mg), 3b605 (25mg).

Analytical constituents

protein10.0 %
fat7.0 %
fibre0.4 %
ash1.8 %
moisture80.0 %
taurine0.8 g/kg

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation per cat in g/day:

Animonda Carny Senior is a complete wet cat food.


Cat's weight Daily portions in g/day
3kg 175g
4kg 200g
5kg 245g



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: 5/5

Encouraging results

My oldest cat was rescued when almost starved, and has always had digestive issues since. She will eat with enthusiasm, but could not tolerate the quantities of food that my other cats would devour. Now borderline diabetic, with few teeth, she is doing very well with Carny Senior, and her regime of several small meals a day makes each can provide enough for most of those meals. Her coat has improved, and she has more energy. I have tried other grain-free wet foods, but Carny is her favourite.
: 5/5

quality consistent

My cat is 20 years old and has kidney problems. This is one of very few wet foods which he will eat and appears to enjoy. So glad I found it , on this website as I have never seen it in a UK shop.
11/07/17 | Annarosa
: 5/5

a miracle

My 13 years old cat has never, never, eaten the meat of any pouches, but only the liquid part, it is the first time she eats all the food and she is thrilled: when she look at the can it is difficult for me to open it because she starts to rub on the can. Very high quality. sorry for English I'm not mother tongue.
15/05/17 | mariann fleming
: 5/5

My four cats loved this.

I decided to try this canned food using my bonus points. I stopped feeding my cats canned food a few years ago because a lot was wasted, it was too lumpy, and I hated the smell. None of these issues apply to this product, my senior cats seem to like it,and the young cats too. The high meat content is exactly what I was looking for as they both lost weight recently due to a very bad viral infection. I will certainly use it again for my four cats. product.pMy two seproduct.pMy two
16/02/17 | Ian
: 5/5

Its a revelation

My ageing cat was getting fussy over her supermarket food, although it was a well named brand she was leaving some in her bowl at every feed. With the Carny Senior tinned food, she has been crying out for more (I was thinking of renaming her Oliver, but she's a girl),and cleaning her bowl out every time. I've tried several different brands from the supermarket, but this one beats the lot. A very 'catisfied' pet.
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: 5/5


I was very worried about switching my kittens food, I definitely wanted her to be eating a higher meat content which this food has, after a lot of research this brand has come out on top with affordability and quality. I needn't have worried she absolutely loves it, her appetite is better than ever and it's smells not to bad too. 5*
15/07/16 | Rhonda Peters
: 5/5

Fantastic - Thank You Animonda Carny

At last (!!) a good quality senior cat food my elderly moggies will clean the bowl (so no stale cat food for flies to eat or lay eggs on) and that doesn't cause them to vomit (as with pate' and chunkier foods). They're satisfied, sleep soundly, are gaining weight back and looking healthier than in a long time - and all at a fair price.
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10/05/16 | Wexford Shopper
: 5/5

Fantastic, cats love it!

Both cats loved this, they wolfed it down. It seems really good quality and easy to eat without being a pate which my cats hate.
13/11/14 | Samantha
: 5/5

A real favourite

My cats love this food.
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11/06/14 | Kerry
: 5/5

Awesome food

My 2 fussy little burmese adore this food, I've tried everything and they'll eat most for a day or so and then go off them. However, this has become a staple. When I open a can I always think it smells lovely. Plus the ingredients are very good, high meat content no wheat. 5 stars from me and mine.
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09/06/14 | k coughlan
: 5/5

high meat content

with 34% beef 30% chicken the meat content is superior to the usual 4% you get in most supermarket brands.
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: 5/5

The fussiest cat ever? Look no further!

My cat is fussy, old, toothless and needs to put on a bit of weight. I've tried lots of different types of food but she adores this. It's soft enough for her mouth without being a pâté (which she hates), is about 90% meat instead of 90% moisture and her eyes, coat and energy are much better since she started eating it. The company has lots of different flavours so she doesn't get bored and while it seems more expensive than bigger known brands, one tin goes a lot further than most and is actually cheaper than other high meat content foods done by smaller companies.
06/09/12 | Jules
: 5/5

Superior Quality high protein, meaty food for senior cats.

I had begun to despair of successfully feeding my senior cat with bad teeth any wet food that she could or would finish, without painstakingly hand- feeding her; Then along came Animonda Carny! She really relishes this product and there is a lot In each can, so it goes a long way. You can keep it refrigerated, when it's open and get several small meals out of it, to supplement dried food for senior cats.
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31/08/11 | Patricia Meredith
: 5/5

Good Quality at a Reasonable Price

After reading that cats need a very high meat content in their diet and that most supermarket brands do not come anywhere near to a cat's nutritional requirements, I set out to find a good quality cat food. Unfortunately the best brands are very expensive, so I was very pleased to have found Animonda Carny, which has an acceptable meat and nutritional content at an acceptable price. My cat doesnt have many teeth left but she hates pate's. So it has been difficult to find a brand that she will accept. The Animonda Carny Senior contains very small chunks, so my cat can eat it and still have a bit of chunkiness. (And I don't have to mush chunky cat foods up anymore!)
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