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Encore Cat Broth Pouch 16 x 70g

Product description

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Chicken with Brown Rice
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Tuna with Prawn
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Tuna with Whitebait
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Product description

Wheat-free, natural supplementary wet food for adult cats, with 75% delicious meat or fish combined with rice for carbohydrates, with top quality protein and no additives.
Encore food has a new package design. It’s still the same recipe, just with a new look! Please note: During the change-over period your order may include both the old and the new package design.

With these Encore Cat Pouch 16 x 70g you can see exactly what you’re feeding your cat, thanks to the window on the pouch! Natural ingredients combine in this supplementary food to offer your cat a delicious meaty or fishy flavour. Each variety contains 75% easily digestible meat or fish, combined with rice as a source of carbohydrates. It is made entirely without the use of any additives.
The tasty meat or fish pieces in Encore Cat Pouch 16 x 70g offer your feline high-quality animal protein, which can help strengthen muscle mass. The amino acid taurine is essential for your cat’s health, keeping heart function and vision strong. The practical 70g pouches guarantee freshness and flavour, as well as making the food easy and clean to portion. This Encore Cat Pouch 16 x 70g supplementary cat food is wheat-free, making it suitable even for sensitive cats. A delicious natural addition to your cat’s complete diet!

Encore Cat Pouch 16 x 70g at a glance:
  • High-quality supplementary wet food for adult cats
  • 100% natural: with no additives or animal derivatives, by-products or fillers
  • 75% meat or fish: offering key protein to help strengthen the muscles, easy to digest and well-accepted
  • With rice: easy to digest alternative carbohydrate source that is gluten-free
  • Rich in natural taurine: can have a positive effect on the heart and eyesight
  • High moisture content: with a generous helping of stock to ensure your cat takes in sufficient fluids in a natural way
  • Wheat-free: also suitable for nutritionally-sensitive cats
  • In practical pouches: easy and clean to portion, as well as helping preserve flavour and freshness


Chicken Breast with Brown Rice:
Chicken breast (75%), chicken broth, brown rice (4%).
Tuna Fillet with Whitebait:
Tuna fillet (65%), fish broth, whitebait (10%), rice.
Tuna Fillet with Prawn:
Tuna fillet (55%), fish broth, prawn (20%), rice.

Additives per kg:
According to the manufacturer this product contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

protein 14.0 %
fat 0.3 %
fibre 1.0 %
ash 2.0 %
moisture 82.0 %
protein 14.0 %
fat 1.0 %
fibre 1.0 %
ash 2.0 %
moisture 82.0 %
protein 18.0 %
fat 0.4 %
fibre 0.1 %
ash 1.0 %
moisture 77.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Encore Cat Pouch 16 x 70g is a supplementary wet cat food.
Cat’s weight (kg) Pouches per day
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3 Varieties €20.99