Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g

Pure Poultry & Trout
: 5/5
Miamor Mild Meal is a delicious wet cat food made with pure, light poultry meat. It doesn't contain any animal by-products and is also suitable for sensitive, elderly and overweight cats....further information
Product description
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g
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€12.15 / kg

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Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g - Pure Poultry & Trout
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Miamor Mild Meal 6 x 100g

- Pure Poultry & Trout

€12.15 / kg

Product description

Miamor Mild Meal is a delicious wet cat food made with pure, light poultry meat. It doesn't contain any animal by-products and is also suitable for sensitive, elderly and overweight cats.

Miamor Mild Meal is a very healthy wet food, and thanks to its special formulation it is ideal for sensitive cats, older cats, or cats that are overweight or inactive. Miamor Mild Meal cat food is made using only pure, light meat from poultry. Many cat foods are made using lots of liver and other offal to make the food appetising, but not all cats tolerate offal. Miamor Mild Meal cat foods are guaranteed not to contain offal or animal by-products. This makes the meals very easy to digest and very healthy. The food also has a lower fat content, which makes it suitable for cats that are older, overweight or less active. The added vitamins and minerals make this a complete food that provides all of the nutrients your cat needs.

Miamor Mild Meals at a glance:

  • Delicious wet food suitable for all cats
  • Suitable for sensitive and senior cats, as well as those that are overweight or less active
  • Made with pure poultry meat
  • Free from wheat and gluten
  • Guaranteed no liver, offal or bones
  • No animal by-products
  • Very easy to digest and healthy
  • Low fat content
  • With essential vitamins and minerals
  • Balanced and complete food


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Pure Poultry & Ham: Poultry meat (40%), ham (14%), meat broth (1%), minerals.

Pure Poultry & Salmon: Poultry meat (40%), salmon (14%), meat broth (1%), minerals.

Senior: Pure Poultry & Venison: Poultry meat (52%), venison (5%), meat broth (1%), minerals, chicory.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional physiological additives:
Vitamin A (2,250 IU), vitamin D3 (100 IU), iodine [calcium iodate] (0.5mg), zinc [zinc sulphate, monohydrate] (14mg).

Analytical constituents

protein10.5 %
fat5.0 %
fibre0.5 %
ash2.0 %
moisture81.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Miamor Mild Meal is a complete wet food for cats.

An average sized cat (approx. 4kg) needs approx. 275g per day.

A senior cat (approx. 4kg) needs approx. 250g per day.

Actual feeding amounts depend on your cat’s breed, age, activity levels and other individual circumstances. Please make sure that your pet always has plenty of fresh drinking water available.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
My cats love it!
My cats have always adored this superb food with no nasties in it. It is such a shame that I cannot buy this on the UK Zooplus website anymore and have to order it twice a year through my friend in Ireland.
: 5/5
Great food
This food is great. I have 2 cats with sensitive tummies and allergies and this is the only food they don't react to. Low in fat and good protein.
16/02/18|elisabetta tamiazzo
: 5/5
Great food
My cat has had pancreatitis for over a year now and needs to be on a special diet. This is the only food he doesn't react to. It has taken me a year of trial and error to find a food that works and the best one for him is the chicken and carrot as single protein. Please don't stop stocking it.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
13/12/17|Jenny Southall
: 5/5
Fantastic food
I have had a nightmare, and I mean nightmare trying to find a food that doesn't give my cat the runs as she has a real dicky tummy. This food is amazing. It's taken me over a year trying different foods. This was last on my list to try. And it works. Wow can't believe it. Well done Miamor mild.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Miamor Mild Meal
My 14 year old absolutely loves this stuff, and more importantly, is able to keep it down. We've tried all the other sensitive stomach cat foods, and apart from Royal Canin, this is the only one she won't hurl back up again. It looks like it's packed with fresh ingredients too and you get plenty of it. Great find.
: 5/5
Very Good food
I recommend for all cats
: 5/5
Great quality food
My two cats are loving this. It's really solid and takes some breaking up but you can see the quality of the ingredients and there's quite enough for two cats in one tray. They've had the chicken and trout, chicken and ham and chicken and salmon so far and loved them all. Been keeping off the chicken and rice as they haven't liked any other foods with rice grains in. Great for giving them variety with the Miamor Ragout Royale which they also like. Try this if you have sensitive or fussy cats.
: 5/5
I first opened this and saw a pate like texture, s my 8 month old ragdoll turns his nose up at all other pate food, I was disappointed, however it looked much more moist and juicier than others (he loves food swimming in jelly or gravy!) so I tried it and half the pack went in one go (he normal struggles with a few mouthfuls of wet). He then finished off the other half an hour or so later and now eats 2 packs a day. I have put more in my basket for next month's order already. Massive thumbs up.
: 5/5
Excellent good quality food
So, the product doesn't look like the photo someone has uploaded and when I opened it to see a pate consistency I was disappointed as my 8 month old kitten won't touch pate food, he likes chunks in jelly or sauce. It did look really moist though unlike normal pates and had chunks of food in plus smelled delicious so I had a little bit of hope. Anyway, he had one sniff of it and loved it! He only ever eats about 25g in a sitting (must have a small stomach or digestive issues) but managed to clear off almost half of this (50g) so great work Miamor. If you want your cat to eat high quality food but it doesn't like pate, do not hesitate to try this, I bet it will love it!
: 5/5
Great for sensitive tums
I have a ten year old Siamese with severe irritable bowel syndrome - it is always a battle to find food that doesn't drip right through her, and she actually likes to eat, as she needs to put on some weight. She loves this stuff, and it is great for her tum. It even looks and smells appetising.
: 5/5
Paws up again
My cat is really loving Miamor products and the Chicken & Rice in this range is no exception. After much trial and error with other quality brands, I have no idea why he turned his nose up at those but I think we have finally found the right one now. Thank you Miamor !
: 5/5
Excellent Quality
One of my cats has a sensitive stomach, and through a lot of trial and error we have discovered this is the only food he can tolerate apart from Royal Canin Sensitive. He got very bored with the same Royal Canin every day, so its great to give hm this and see that he really enjoys it. He can tolerate all the flavours too which means he gets variety. 1 very happy cat.
: 5/5
Good for older cats and cats with sensitive stomachs
I highly recommend this food for cats with sensitive stomachs. I have a 14 year-old cat and a younger cat with a tendency to IBS. Both cats enjoy this food and digest it easily and well. I have tried other foods with my cat that has IBS and they all seem to upset his stomach.