PURINA ONE Indoor Formula
PURINA ONE Indoor Formula
PURINA ONE Indoor Formula
PURINA ONE Indoor Formula

PURINA ONE Indoor Formula

Complete wet food for indoor cats, can help to reduce the risk of hairballs, tender chunks with tuna and vegetables in sauce, high in protein, can help your cat to maintain an ideal weight...further information
Product description
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Nom nom nom: "Our cats think this is super delicious."

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with Tuna & Green Beans (13 x 85g)
€9.31 / kg
with Tuna & Green Beans (26 x 85g)
individually priced €20.58
Now €19.19
€8.68 / kg
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PURINA ONE Indoor Formula

- with Tuna & Green Beans (26 x 85g)

individually priced €20.58
Now €19.19
€8.68 / kg

Product description

Complete wet food for indoor cats, can help to reduce the risk of hairballs, tender chunks with tuna and vegetables in sauce, high in protein, can help your cat to maintain an ideal weight

PURINA ONE Indoor Formula is a complete wet cat food which has been specially formulated for cats that live mainly indoors. This delicious combination of tasty tuna and healthy vegetables in an appetising sauce provides your cat with a balanced and healthy meal. 

Cats that do not go outside are often less active and have a tendency to put on weight. PURINA ONE Indoor Formula is high in protein, meaning that it can help your cat to maintain a lean weight. The fibre in this food can help to prevent hairballs. What’s more, this food is low in minerals, so it lowers the risk of urinary stones.

PURINAONE Indoor Formula at a glance:

  • Complete wet food for adult cats that live indoors
  • Tasty tuna as a high-quality source of protein
  • Promotes a healthy urinary tract: reduced mineral content helps to prevent struvite stones
  • High protein content: helps to keep your cat lean
  • Delicious: tender chunks with vegetables in a tasty sauce
  • Reduces hairball formation: special fibre can help to minimise hairball formation
  • Antioxidants (e.g. vitamin E): supports your cat's natural defences
  • Developed with PURINA's vets and nutrition experts 


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Meat and meat by-products, vegetable protein extract, fish and fish by-products (of which 4% tuna), vegetable by-products, oils and fats, minerals, vegetables (0.6% dehydrated green beans, corresponds to 5.4% green beans), sugar.

Additives per kg: 
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (1,190 IU), vitamin D3 (166 IU), vitamin E (270 IU), iron sulphate monohydrate (44mg), calcium iodate anhydrous (0.65mg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (4.3mg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (6.1mg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (78mg).

Analytical constituents

protein12.0 %
fat4.0 %
fibre1.0 %
ash2.2 %
moisture79.0 %
omega-3 fats0.1 %
omega-6 fats1.2 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendations:

PURINA ONE Indoor Formula is a complete wet cat food

Feed your adult cat (4kg) 3 to 4 portioned pouches per day, split into at least 2 meals. The food should be room temperature.

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required.

Fresh water should be provided at all times.


Latest user reviews

: 5/5

Nom nom nom

Our cats think this is super delicious.
01/06/18 | Charcoal&E
: 5/5


Fantastic food for indoor based cats. My cat Charcoal loves this food.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
26/06/17 | Elaine
: 5/5

Cats love this food

My 2 Somali cats really like this food, it alwasy gets eaten and nothing is left over. I like the contents, all good stuff for a healthy cat. Also my cats are neutered so this helps with weight. Can't recommend this enough.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5

Life saver!

My 2 year old cat has stomach problems and, no matter what he was prescribed, he was being sick every morning like clockwork. Since switching to this food over a month ago he's been sick all of twice, which is a lot easier for both me and him to cope with! He loves it too, despite being the pickiest cat I know.
: 5/5

Happy cats!

I was advised to change to sensitive food for my two cats. They're very fussy but have taken happily to Purina One Sensitive and never tire of it. It must be helping their tummies too as they're so playful now!
: 5/5

A rare find!

After several phases of sickness and tummy problems and going off his food, my vet said my cat is likely to have Inflammatory Bowl Disease, something that is apparently very common in both cats and dogs. He said therefore to stick to food specifically for IBD or Sensative food. Considering its supposed to be a common complaint, I was disappointed to find there aren't many wet foods for sensative tummies out there for cats. Lots of dry foods. My cat will eat dry, and I already found that Purina One Sensative was a hit with him, but he goes mad for the wet varieties and I wasn't happy he wasn't getting the food he really loves anymore. These sachets are no where to be found in Supermarkets or big pet shop chains. The best I could find in those were the raw stuff, which, whilst I like the idea of something so natural and organic, Chess won't touch it. Thank you Zooplus and Purina for being the only source I have found that actually provides wet food for cats with IBD! (I've seen Purina Sensative elsewhere but only dry food) Chess goes mad for this food and it even has some carrot for extra vitamins. He purrs when I serve him this food :) Big paws up from Chess.
20/08/15 | Michelle Ball
: 5/5

Excellent quality, Cats love it

My four cats love this food, including my very fussy elderly cat. What I like about Purina One is that it is reasonably priced but much better quality than other wet food brands available. They never get tired of this brand.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
07/08/15 | Simone
: 5/5

A happy Mooch

After thinking I would never find a sensitive food Mooch would be happy to eat without being bribed with treats ... I came across Purina ONE Sensitive. She happly eats this and not just the sauce!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5

Kitten loves it

Ok, so it's not the best quality product out there, but sometimes cats don't want luxury all the time. Mine prefers to see chunks over pate so I guess this is another reason he loves it. Lots of gravy/sauce to keep the food really wet which is often missing in a lot of other products. Good purchase, very happy :)
30/09/14 | Laura
: 5/5

My fussy cat likes it

As a previous reviewer mentioned, my cat is also very fussy and this is one of the only biscuits he'll eat. He has a sensitive stomach so I'm limited in terms of options, but this seems to be a good choice. Not as expensive as the vet diet ones but still decent ingredients. Also, considering most supermarkets sell the little bags for £5-6, this is great value.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
12/08/14 | Catherine
: 5/5


... a 'sensitive' food that my fussy Bengal will eat!! Up to now, he has refused every single other brand designed for sensitive tummies, but he loves this! Finally a solution to our problems - and his!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
09/06/14 | Julie Banner-Broadhead
: 5/5

Ideal for sensitive tummies

I bought this new product for my cat to try as a change from the Royal Canin which she seems to have got fed up of and she absolutely adores it! It doesn't upset her stomach and she has a VERY sensitive stomach (suffers from Irritable Bowel Disease).
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk