Cat Seat Sharon

White: Diameter 50cm
: 4/5
A fantastic sleeping seat for cats, with soft plush for cosy dreams and effortless take-down system for easy disassembling for storage or travel!...further information
Product description
Cat Seat Sharon
Cat Seat Sharon
Cat Seat Sharon
Cat Seat Sharon
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White: Diameter 50cm153724.0

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Product description

A fantastic sleeping seat for cats, with soft plush for cosy dreams and effortless take-down system for easy disassembling for storage or travel!

The Cat Seat Sharon makes cat dreams come true! It consists of a robust frame with effortless take-down system for easy disassembling and a cosy moon-shaped seat with a 50 cm diameter. The soft, cuddly plush makes it the ideal retreat! The seat material gently moulds around your pet when it cuddles into the plush - ultimate comfort!
The take-down frame makes it really easy to move the Cat Seat Sharon to the balcony or the patio to let your cat enjoy days in the sun. The plush won't touch the ground and will stay clean!

If you ever need to store the Cat Seat it can be easily taken down into component parts by pressing the pins and pulling the rods apart, and simply placing it under a bed or in a cupboard.

Cat Seat Sharon at a glance:
  • Seat diameter Ø 50 cm
  • Edge height (front / rear): 23cm / 40cm
  • Robust frame
  • Space-saving take-down system
  • Cover
  • White polyester plush
  • Not removable
  • Hand wash at up to 30°C
  • Suitable for outdoors on sunny days


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Latest user reviews

: 1/5
No good
Cat won’t use it because of the crinkly material the back of the cushioned part is made of
09/02/20|Kat L.
: 5/5
I wish I had one bigger for myself...
My cat absolutely loves it. I placed facing the balcony door and whenever it is sunny she liunges there, very relaxed and purring. It lookc so comfy I'd love one in my size, too :)
27/06/16|C JONES
: 5/5
My boy loves his little chair
I was a little underwhelmed when this was delivered - not so easy to fold and the seat fabric was a bit on the thin side, but my cat loves it!! He's very unhappy when I use my PC (as my attention is not on him), so I have it right by the side of my desk, and he's sound asleep in it as I'm writing this review. I've made a couple of elasticated covers from a fleece blanket, so I can wash them on a regular basis. My boy weighs about 5.5kgs, and it's plenty big enough for him. I highly recommend!
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02/03/16|Becky burns
: 4/5
My female cat likes this,although she is slightly big and it seems a little small depth ways for her...but nice item and very light in weight! Thank You :)
Originally published in
07/01/16|Mrs Shirley Jennings
: 5/5
Write proper little snog bed
I bought this for my little Yorkshire terrier I put it up and she jumped straight in and snuggled up she is always in it she loves it I think this should be optional removable Fur covers as she is in it all the time and they need washing regularly I have recommended it to 2 of my friends
Originally published in
: 3/5
Cat sits in it but doesn't sleep in it
I was little disappointed on the thinness of the furr initially. Want very cosy for our cat, and she never sat in it. I added a fleece blanket to it and now she will sit or doze off in it for a short while which is good. Overall ok but not as cosy as I thought it would be.
23/10/13|Faith @Farodell British Shorthairs
: 4/5
my stud boys love these
I bought two of these, one for each of my stud boys for their outdoor house & runs. The absolutely love them and spend a lot more time in these than they have any other type of bed they've had. Strong enough to take my very large British Shorthaired stud boys - that weigh around 7 kilos I would have given these 5 stars if the covers had been removable for washing. I'd buy again but I may make the covers removable.
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: 5/5
It might take a while
Our cat didn't like this seat at all. But I left it standing there in the hope that Max would take to it. Well, it took more than 3 months but one day he climbed in and that was that. We can't get him out of it now. It's a pity that the cover is not removable, but all in all a great product and Max loves it.
: 5/5
Great place to snuggle up
My rather large cat (7kg) simply loves this cat seat. I put it right beside the radiator and it is very stable and strong. The cover is not removable which is a shame but I would buy it again. Great quality and my cat is happy, which is the main thing. I would recommend it any time.
: 5/5
Cosy cat bed
My 3 cats are crazy about this cat chair. It's near the radiator and a great place to get nice and warm. But there's plenty of room for two of them to lie in it at the same time. An excellent buy.
: 5/5
Amazing …
The Sharon cat seat turned up today. It was easy to assemble and my son put one of our cats into it. And she hasn't moved since then. Must be very comfortable. The other cats are jealous because they haven’t had a chance to try it out. I don't think just 1 cat chair will be enough for this household!
: 3/5
Much small than I thought
I bought this for my little kitten but the chair is much smaller than expected. And my kitten is not interested in it all. On a positive note: our little Chihuahua absolutely loves it and spends lots of time curled up here. So that's why I gave it 3 stars!
: 5/5
I got this for my cat about 6 months ago so that she does not lie on our new sofa. And she is very happy with it. She lies in it all day. It is strong enough for her to jump and play on. It looks good and is big enough for large cats.