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Trixie Corner Massage Brush

Product description

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13 x 8cm (L x W)
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Product description

Brush for cats to clean their coats, affixes to wall corner, flexible bristles, cats can groom themselves whenever they like, massages and removes loose hair, dimensions: 13 x 8cm (L x W)
Cats truly are independent creatures! When you don’t have time to groom your kitty, the Trixie Corner Massage Brush means that your cat can do this all by itself. This brush does the trick when it comes to self-grooming because it can simply be attached to the wall so is always available for your cat to groom itself to its heart’s content. 

This massage brush is made up of flexible bristles that create a pleasant massaging effect while also removing loose hair. It is a fantastic alternative or addition to your usual brushing accessories. To make this brush even more attractive to your pet, you can even fill it with catnip, which gives off a scent that seems to magically draw cats in. This Trixie Corner Massage Brush can be mounted onto any corner so you can pick just the right place where your cat can groom itself whenever it pleases. 

Trixie Corner Massage Brush at a glance: 
  • Wall-mounted massage brush for cats
  • Practical grooming accessory: massages and removes loose hair, an alternative to brushing
  • Wall-mounted: your cat can use it independently whenever it likes
  • Flexible bristles: pleasant massaging effect, can help blood flow, can make the coat silky and smooth
  • Can be filled with catnip: gives off scent that is irresistible to most cats, can encourage cats to use the brush
  • Easy to mount: affixes to a corner; the bracket can be either screwed or glued on the corner
  • Colour: grey
  • Material: 100% plastic
  • Dimensions: 13 x 8cm (L x W)
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