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Catit Cabrio Transport Box

Product description

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67.99 67.99 EUR 1
51 x 33 x 35 cm (L x W x H)
(€67.99 / unit)
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Product description

Carry case for cats up to 11.3kg, with 180° opening in the top and an integrated feeding flap with double bowls. It has a raised base with a collection groove to prevent urine spilling over.
Your cat is a key member of the family, and this Catit Cabrio Transport Box ensures it can travel in comfort and style with you! If you are on the way to the vet or a cattery, the Catit Cabrio Transport Box is ideal for cats and small dogs.
The entrance and exit is both comfortable and uncomplicated. If your cat needs additional support, there is an 180° opening in the upper tray that allows you to put your cat inside without any stress. The top section can also be entirely removed.
If your cat requires care during the journey, the Catit Cabrio Transport Box features a practical feeding flap, allowing you to put food into the double bowls set into the front door. The box has ventilation holes on every side to ensure your cat can still feel comfortable on warm days. It also helps to prevent heat building up inside the crate and allows the circulation of fresh air.
The Catit Cabrio Transport Box is also suitable for transporting your cat on flights, although you should consult your airline before travel.

Catit Cabrio Transport Box at a glance:
  • Multi-functional transport system for cats and small dogs up to 11.3kg
  • 180° opening of the upper section: easy to put your cat in and out
  • Completely removable top: less stress for both pet and owner
  • Complete ventilation: with air circulation slits to help reduce build up of heat
  • Large transparent front door: so you can clearly see inside and your cat can see out, with security closure and completely removable
  • Raised base: with a groove all around to collect urine or water and to help keep your cat clean and dry
  • Anti-slip surface: offers your cat security and stability
  • Food flap with handy double bowls: can be accessed from the outside and lockable
  • Easy to transport: with an integrated ergonomic carry handle and adjustable carry strap with carabiner to fasten
  • Modern design
  • Colour: grey/blue with white door frame
  • Material: plastic
  • Ventilation: with air circulation on all sides
  • Fixings on the tray: 4 click fasteners
    • Can be secured as an additional security features (not included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 51 x 33 x 35 cm (L x W x H)
    • Entry: 28 x 29 cm (W x H)
    • Top entry: 45 x 31 cm (L xW)
    • Length of carry strap (without carabiner): approx. 85-160cm (L)
    • Food bowl capacity: 2 x 225ml
Tips for training: Help your pet to get used to the carrier by introducing it gradually. Start by letting your pet relax inside the carrier with the door open, then move on to short periods with the door closed. Gradually increase the amount of time your pet spends inside the closed carrier, and take your pet on some short test runs in the car before trying a longer journey. The carrier should never be used as a punishment, and should provide your animal with a safe, positive place where it can feel comfortable and secure.


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