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Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter

: 5/5
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Clumping cat litter with summer fragrance, a quality product from Germany made with extra fine grains and four times for efficient than standard cat litter, with low dust and optimum odour binding....further information
Product description
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter
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Product description

Clumping cat litter with summer fragrance, a quality product from Germany made with extra fine grains and four times for efficient than standard cat litter, with low dust and optimum odour binding.

Biokat's Micro Fresh is an extra fine clumping cat litter with a light summery scent - giving cat owners everywhere a breath of fresh air!

1 litre of Biokat's Micro Fresh binds at least 3 litres of liquid, making it an extremely efficient and economical litter. It's an absolute must for all those who value quality over quantity.

Biokat's stands for great quality cat litter. Micro Fresh is made using only the very best German raw clay.

Biokat's Micro Fresh Cat Litter at a glance:

  • 1 litre Biokat's Micro Fresh binds at least 3 litres of liquid
  • Extra fine granules
  • Maximum odour-control
  • Virtually dust-free (99.8%)
  • With the summer fragrance of fresh flowers and citrus fruits
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Quality from Germany


We recommend filling your cat litter up to a level of about 5cm. Cats that scrape at the ground a lot after relieving themselves need more litter in their trays.
Cats prefer it when their trays are cleared of lumps every day, or every two days at a minimum! By removing the lumps, you prevent the litter from forming into one hard block, making it easier to regularly change the litter.

Be sure to check your local waste disposal regulations before disposing of old litter in the household waste bins, green waste or compost.


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Latest user reviews

25/09/22 | Kriss
: 5/5

Best cat litter sand ever!

I've been buying it for years and this is by far the best litter sand in the existence! It has a perfectly small texture that cats enjoy walking on, and it clumps up only where it's used, so I never throw away more than is necessary as with other litter sands I've tried so far. It masks scents very well if you clean the litterbox once a day and your cat knows how to bury its business. It's also easy to clean and cost-effective which I appreciate greatly.
14/09/21 | Alex
: 3/5

Smell and clumping not great

The has a strong unpleasant smell and the clumps fall apart when scooping. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't recommend it.
05/08/20 | Laila Ziemele
: 3/5

It is fine, but...

It is fine but does not clump very well
: 5/5


I have ordered this litter three times now. It is productive and not too much dust. Also odour control is great and it does not spread around the room. I have been looking for a dust-free litter for a long time, because my big Maine Coon has a bronchial allergy and previous litters have aggravated this problem by kicking up dust. My two Persians have also accepted this litter well. I've given as many stars as possible!
20/06/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Best litter

We are absolutely thrilled, for us there is no other litter. After a long search, we have now found the perfect litter for our Maine Coon :) no longer sticks to the coat. No dust, no smell...absolutely recommend
08/06/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Lilly and Lucky

Very effective litter - accepted by both cats (unlike wood litter, which has led to accidents on our bed!)
: 5/5

Best litter

This is the best, most effective and thus cheapest litter I have had. I have tried a lot! I think it's great that lumps form and can be easily removed. In addition, it hardly sticks to paws and does not spread through the rooms. The smell is NEVER like cat to me. I will buy this great litter again and again.
14/05/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Very satisfied!

I have been using this litter for several years now and I am completely happy. Tried a lot and often ended up with litter in the whole apartment, terrible smell everywhere... Since using Biokat's Micro Classic, nothing smells here anymore. We have often been asked if we even have litter boxes for our cats :-) There is no dust either and it smells great. Nothing else for us.
20/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5


I was very excited about the Micro Classic before, but now I think that it's even better. TOP
: 5/5

Best cat litter with super scent

This is the best clumping litter so far. I have tried many before but this is the best. I have two cats and they both like it very much. It never smells like toilet, but always smells fresh. Even if you have not cleaned the litter box every day!
22/12/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Best litter

Best value for money, fine-grains, smells good, very productive and clumps well.
: 5/5

Very good litter

I like this litter, I mix half of it with the classic litter because I find the smell pure but a little extreme. Mixed it is perfect for us, I really like it. There is no dust, it doesn't get spread around the house and lasts a long time without any unpleasant odours. I've tried others but this is the best.
: 5/5

Very satisfied

Very little dust, optimum clumping, holds odours reliably, smells very discrete, great value for money, no difference from Diamond. Ideal for a household with several cats, also much easier to notice little treasures, thanks to the white colour of the litter ;-)
13/08/16 | Helen White
: 5/5

Fantastic cat litter

It really does cut down odour. I have thee cats and working part time means that one of my first jobs is cleaning out the trays - never any smell when I come home which says a lot!
10/08/16 | Fiona
: 5/5


Best cat litter I have used by far. While it doesn't always clump brilliantly it has seriously reduced mess and dealt really well with smells. Both cats took to it with no issue and it is lasting really well, excellent value for money and happy cats 😊
05/07/16 | GKS
: 5/5

Excellent product. Very good value for money!

I am really pleased Micro Classic (14l) clumping litter. I have two cats which use separate litter boxes. Since this litter a clumping, I don't need to change it so frequently. I get rid of the "clumps" twice a day and change the whole thing once every 7-10 days, depending on smell. Speaking of smell, this product is also good in minimising odour, although to reduce the smell even further, I use it mix it with odour control powder. Overall, this is a highly recommended product!
02/05/16 | Jane
: 5/5

Wish I'd found this before!

I tried this litter based on the good reviews and the price and I'm so glad I did! I'm rarely impressed enough with a product to write a review, but I have been delighted with this. It clumps brilliantly if you leave the wee a while to "set". I've found that deep litter works best as the wee doesn't reach the bottom. I just top it up every few days so it is excellent value. No dust, no smells, very little tracking, cats like it, good value - what's not to like?!
18/02/16 | Stephanie
: 5/5

Fantastic Litter

I didn't know i could get so happy over cat litter, but this stuff is great. It clumps up into little hard balls so i am able to clean out pee and poop- which is a first. Not all clumping litter has made it so easy. Definitely a winner, because the litter lasts so much longer, its easier to clean and soft for delicate paws. and its cheap!
: 5/5

Marvellous stuff

We changed to this recently and are amazed at how much better than our old product it is. We have 4 cats and 2 very large boxes. One bag lasts one box 14 days. The litter has a pleasant smell which masks kitty smells. Very economical, it scoops without wasting any clean litter. The only downside is that it is very heavy!
18/10/15 | Sb
: 5/5

Clean and cost effective

This litter produces no dust when you pour it in, clumps very well so is easy to clean out, and does not track much at all. Superior to pets at home and sainsburys clumping litters which I have previously used. Also it has now been over a month since I filled the tray and with daily scooping and a couple of top ups it still smells clean and fresh. Great stuff.