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Sanicat Diamonds

Product description

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Product description

Cat litter made from silica gel pearls, with exceptional absorption and optimum odour control, almost entirely dust-free and ideal for sensitive cat paws, with long-lasting effectiveness.
Sanicat Diamonds cat litter is made from silica gel pearls that are particularly easy to care for, making this litter suitable for cat owners who do not have time to regularly clean the cat litter tray. This litter is also very light and almost dust-free, with Sanicat Diamonds not sticking to your cat's paws like other litters. This helps to keep your entire house clean and hygienic.
Sanicat Diamonds is very absorbent and has optimum odour control. Urine, smells and germs are neutralised within seconds, with moisture being absorbed and odours staying bound. The micropores absorb moisture immediately and for a long time, helping the litter tray remain dry. The grains of Sanicat Diamonds are fine and soft, making it the ideal litter even for more sensitive felines.

Sanicat Diamonds at a glance:
  • Cat litter made from silica gel pearls
  • Strong absorbency: takes in plenty of urine, odours and bacteria
  • Optimum odour control: helps to bind unpleasant smells
  • Fine, soft grains: gentle on sensitive cat paws
  • Very easy to care for: saves time with cleaning
  • Almost entirely dust-free
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