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Tigerino Special Care Cat Litter - Multi-Cat

Product description

Tigerino Special Care Cat Litter - Multi-Cat 3 1
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Product description

Premium clumping litter made from natural bentonite, with a fresh baby powder scent. Ideal for multi-cat households. Very absorbent and virtually dust-free. With activated carbon for stubborn odours.
Tigerino Special Care - Multi-Cat clumping litter at a glance:
  • Ideal for larger cat households
  • With active carbon which binds odours effectively
  • Highly absorbent and virtually dust-free
  • With a fresh, baby powder fragrance
Tigerino Special Care - Multi-Cat is ideal when there are several cats in a household. This highly absorbent natural product is made from natural clay (bentonite) and characterised by a highly efficient clumping action. The litter is enriched with activated charcoal to ensure the effective binding of nasty smells. Activated carbon has a specific, molecular structure, so even the most stubborn urine and faeces odours are bound in the pores of the carbon. This premium clumping litter is almost dust-free, and the gentle, fresh baby powder fragrance ensures maximum hygiene!

Using Tigerino Special Care - Multi-Cat clumping litter :
Fill the clean litter box with approx. 5-7cm of Tigerino Special Care - Multi-Cat Litter
Remove soiled clumps at least once a day
Top up with extra litter if necessary
Clean the litter box approx. once a month
Dispose of the litter in your general rubbish, never in the toilet. Please refer to your local regulations for disposal of large amounts of cat litter

  • 1 cat approx. 25 – 25 days
  • 2 cats approx. 12 – 18 days
  • 3 cats approx. 5 – 10 days


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