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Tigerino Special Care Cat Litter – Active Carbon

Product description

Tigerino Special Care Cat Litter – Active Carbon 4 7
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Product description

Very effective clumping litter with coconut shell active carbon that binds nasty odours. Made from 100% natural clay, it is very absorbent, yet gentle on the paws. It has a delicate baby powder scent.
Tigerino Special Care – Active Carbon is an innovative, very effective clumping litter with active carbon. The natural active carbon is derived from coconut shells, a renewable source. It is a highly porous carbon with a huge inner surface. 1g of activated carbon has a surface of approx. 1000 square meters. Carbon attracts odours and binds them firmly, helping to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. The litter is made from 100% natural clay which is very absorbent and forms in firm, flat clumps. The fine-grained litter is very kind to your cat's paws. And the delicate baby powder scent makes life more pleasant for you and your cat.

Tigerino Special Care – Active Carbon clumping cat litter at a glance:
  • Highly efficient clumping litter which binds odours
  • With active carbon: derived from coconut shells. This highly porous carbon body has a large inner surface (1g = approx. 100 sqm surface). Odours bind firmly to activate carbon
  • With a pleasant baby powder scent
  • Very fine, highly absorbent and very economical natural clay granules
  • Forms into solid, flat clumps
  • 99% dust-free (less than 1% dust)
Tigerino Special Care Active Carbon is fine-grained and rapidly forms into clumps. Remove soiled clumps regularly to keep the litter hygienic and fresh smelling.


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