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Toilet Kit
: 4/5
This toilet set comes with a special toilet seat & 3 training discs to train your cat to use a human toilet! It has been developed by vets & fits to any standard toilet....further information
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Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
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Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
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Product description

This toilet set comes with a special toilet seat & 3 training discs to train your cat to use a human toilet! It has been developed by vets & fits to any standard toilet.

The days of buying cat litter and cleaning the litter tray are over – enter, the Litter Kwitter! This innovative set teaches your cat to use the human toilet within just 8 weeks.
This is achieved with three simple steps:
The first step is to use the red toilet attachment, which has no hole in the middle. Fill it with cat litter and place on top of the toilet. Your cat will learn to jump up onto the toilet to do its business!
The next step of the Litter Kwitter is the yellow attachment, which has a small hold in the middle. The amount of litter you add can also be reduced, as your cat learns to balance on the toilet seat.
Once your cat has successfully mastered this stage, you can move onto the third and final step of the Litter Kwitter training. The green toilet attachment has a much larger hole in the middle and will need just a sprinkling of cat litter. Your cat will get used to the idea of using the toilet directly. You can gradually decrease the litter until you are using none at all. Once your cat has fully mastered the art of using the toilet, you can remove the Litter Kwitter attachments entirely.
The Litter Kwitter set includes a special toilet seat that fits to all standard toilets, and three training attachments in red, yellow and green.
Litter Kwitter is award-winning and has been developed with the help of vets, anthropologists and cat breeders. Say goodbye to your cat’s litter tray forever!

Litter Kwitter at a glance:

  • Set for toilet training your cat
  • Three simple steps: to get your cat using the human toilet
  • Special toilet seat: fits to all standard toilets and helps get your cat used to the toilet
  • Economical: never again have to buy cat litter or litter trays!
  • Award-winning: developed with vets, anthropologists and cat breeders
  • Includes special toilet seat and three training attachments 


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06/08/18|Fran Low
: 5/5
Outstanding! have 4 cats who have not used litter for 11 years!
First things first, BUY THE ETRA RINGS! you have to be more stubborn than your cats & absolutely determined for them to succeed. You also have to remove EVERY OTHER litter tray & make sure the rings are kept immaculately clean at all times. If you cannot do this for any reason, you are wasting your time, money & upsetting your cats. I started with my Burmese girl 11 years ago. She was 6 months & is a very tiny cat. She hasn't used a tray since - Imagine the money I have saved!!!!
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: 3/5
Not ideal for older multi cat households but good concept..
The idea is great, the video clear and the kit works well enough but unfortunately only one of my two old rescue cats was prepared to consider change, ie jumping up to use the Stage 1 litter tray on top of the loo seat. Sadly, the other boy refused to consider this and instead started to mess on the bathroom floor. After a couple of weeks of progress with one cat I had to abandon Litter Kwitter. I'd happily try it again with a younger cat.
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