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Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve

Product description

Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve 5 1
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Warm grey/white
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Product description

Spacious cat litter tray with sieve filter for easy cleaning and to ensure efficient use of litter, with a high back wall and perforated exit area, ideal for large breeds.
This high-quality Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve features a modern design and is both quick and easy to clean. The two plastic litter trays and cleaning sieve-style filter allow you to easily separate stool and clumps from the clean litter. The remaining litter can then continue to be used, ensuring cost-effective use of your cat’s litter!
The high back wall of the Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve prevents litter falling out of the back of the tray if your cat scratches or digs. The wide protective border at the entrance of the litter tray also helps to ensure that any litter stuck to your cat’s paws will fall back into the tray. This helps to prevent litter being walked through your home and keep the surrounding area clean.
This Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve is particularly spacious, making it ideal for larger breeds or for multi-cat households.

Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve at a glance:
  • Extra large and stable cat litter tray with cleaning filter, in a modern design
  • Ideal for larger breeds and multi-cat households
  • With cleaning filter: clumps and stool are easily separated from the clean litter
  • Cost-effective use of litter: clean litter can be reused
  • Wide protective edge with perforated entrance: removable and designed to help reduce the amount of litter that is walked out of the tray
  • High back wall: minimises the amount of litter that falls out of the tray during scratching or digging
  • Made in Belgium
  • With practical clips: to securely attach the tray to the filter
  • Type of litter tray: tray toilet with sieve
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 64 x 46 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
    • Inner: approx. 54.8 x 37 cm (W x H)
    • Rear height of tray: 31cm (without protective border approx. 30cm)
    • Entry height at front: 19cm (without protective border approx. 18cm)
    • Filter openings: diameter 9mm
  • Colour: warm grey/white
Please note: the Savic Simba Cat Litter Tray with Sieve is specifically designed to be used with fine cat litter!


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