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Trixie Silver Vine Stick with Fringe

Product description

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Product description

Enticing toy for cats, a pure natural product for effortless fun and made with silver vine or matatabi, offering invigorating effects and helping to support dental care, with jute and raffia.
This Trixie Silver Vine Stick with Fringe offers your cat a natural and entertaining toy to play with. The stick is made from silver vine or matatabi, an Asian plant that has similar effects to classic catnip, giving it the nickname “Japanese catnip”. It will have a magical effect on your cat!

The matatabi stick is covered in jute tape, which allows your cat to easily bite the toy. At either end of the Trixie Silver Vine Stick with Fringe you will find raffia fringe, which can be fun for your cat to play with and wiggle. This animates your cat to play and provides hours of fun!

Trixie Silver Vine Stick with Fringe at a glance:
  • Invigorating cat toy
  • Pure natural product: made from matatabi with dried fruit, raffia fringe and jute band
  • Invigorating effect: matatabi works like catnip, animating your cat to play and supporting dental care with its abrasive effects
  • Jute band: cats can easily grip the stick and toss it around
  • Waggling raffia fringe encourages your cat to play
  • Compact size, lightweight
  • Colour: natural
  • Material: matatabi/dried matatabi fruit/jute band/raffia fringe
  • Size:
    • Total: approx. diameter 1.5 x (L) 24cm
    • Raffia fringe: approx. 2 x (L) 6.5cm
    • Matatabi stick: approx. diameter 1 x (L) 11cm
    • Fruit: approx. diameter 2cm
Please note: Some cats respond particularly strongly to silver vine. We recommend supervising your during play, to check how it reacts. No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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