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CanadianCat Company Cat in Motion Wheel

Product description

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Product description

A stylish running wheel for cats, great for indoor cats. An easily-assembled wheel that is sturdy and helps promote weight loss and more physical activity. Quiet, with a 'back-friendly', open design. 
Even with all their scratch posts, cat trees and playhouses a lot of indoor cats don't get as much exercise as outdoor cats. With the CanadianCat Company Cat in Motion Wheel your cat will be able to run for miles in the comfort of their own home!
The cat wheel is designed with indoor cats in mind and offers them the opportunity to burn off extra energy. It encourages your cat to be more active and can help overweight cats lose weight. 
The running wheel has an open design so your cat can jump on and off from either side. The wheel has a large diameter, which makes the incline gentle on your cat's back as it runs. It is lined with high-quality EVA foam in stunning red, providing your cat with great grip and good tread. 

Masters are made, not born! Please note that most cats may need several weeks of training each day to build up the necessary confidence to learn how to use this running wheel.
Our advice and the key to success is quite simple: patience!

CanadianCat Company Cat in Motion Wheel at a glance:
  • Running wheel for cats up to 8kg
  • Increased activity: great for indoor cats
  • Promotes weight loss: fun exercise that helps reduce your cat's weight
  • Large diameter: safe and comfortable for your cat's back
  • Open, safe design: your cat can jump on from either side
  • Good grip: high-quality foam (EVA) that provides good tread for running
  • Large base: for extra stability
  • Not addictive: unlike hamsters, your cat won't become addicted to running
  • Very quiet: minimal running noise thanks to ball bearing rollers
  • Easy care: simple to clean
  • Straightforward installation
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Colour:
    • red/ anthracite
    • white/ grey
  • Material:
    • Frame: plastic
    • Tread: EVA foam
  • Total dimensions: approx. 131 x 144 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
  • Included in delivery: 8 plastic sheet pieces, 2 plastic stand pieces (includes castors), 2 aluminium connectors (95cm), 8 EVA foam tread pieces (self-adhesive), 16 connecting screws (M6 x 16mm), 16 self-locking nuts (M6), 4 self-tapping screws (4.2 x 16mm)
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