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Aumüller Cat Toy Mouse Valeri

Product description

Aumüller Cat Toy Mouse Valeri 5 34
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Product description

Organic cat toy filled with premium, pharmacy quality valerian and spelt. It will have a stimulating and animating effect on your cat.
Size: approx. 13cm.

The Cat Toy Mouse Valeri from Aumüller is a cute cat toy filled with approx. 5 g of valerian, suitable for all cats!

Valerian is the ideal alternative to catnip. The Mouse Valeri sends out a strong valerian scent which is simply irresistible for your cat. She'll just keep playing, playing, playing, you'll see...

The toy mouse is filled with organic spelt grown in Germany and premium valerian of pharmacy quality, also grown in Germany.
The natural, roughly cut valerian root inside the cushion will be rubbed during play by the coarse spelt. As your cat shakes and moved the toy, the spelt works like a grater and just keeps that scent coming. For extra-long animating smell!

Length: 13 / 26 cm (without / with tail); width approx. 6 cm; height approx. 6 cm
Approx. 5 g / toy


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