GimCat Malt Tabs

: 4/5
Tasty cat snacks designed to support the movement of swallowed hairs through the system, with natural aromatic malt and elm bark, rich in fibre and free from sugar, enriched with TGOS....further information
Product description
GimCat Malt Tabs
GimCat Malt Tabs
GimCat Malt Tabs
GimCat Malt Tabs
GimCat Malt Tabs
GimCat Malt Tabs
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GimCat Malt Tabs

- 40g

€57.25 / kg

Product description

Tasty cat snacks designed to support the movement of swallowed hairs through the system, with natural aromatic malt and elm bark, rich in fibre and free from sugar, enriched with TGOS.

Cats can spend many hours of every day taking care of their fur, which can often result in hairballs forming in the digestive tract. This can frequently result in cat vomiting to free these and get them out of their system. If your cat is regularly plagued with hairballs, these GimCat Malt Tabs are the ideal addition to its diet.

These delicious GimCat Malt Tabs contain natural, aromatic malt and a high level of fibre. This helps to support the natural movement of swallowed hairs and non-digestible components through the system. GimCat Malt Tabs are also enriched with TGOS (TransGalactoOligoSaccharide), a unique fibre that can help with the growth of friendly bacteria and support balance in the digestive flora.

GimCat Malt Tabs at a glance:

  • Delicious supplementary food for cats
  • Supports the natural passing of swallowed hairs
  • With natural, aromatic malt
  • High fibre content: supports healthy intestinal function
  • Elm bark: can support the mucous membrane in the gut
  • With TGOS: can promote the growth of friendly gut bacteria and contribute to balance in the intestinal flora
  • Free from sugar
  • In tablet form: delicious and easy to serve
  • Developed with veterinarians


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Milk & dairy products, yeasts, oils & fats, vegetable by-products (dried malt extract 4%, ground elm bark 2%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D (1147 IU), vitamin E (260mg).

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat12.5 %
fibre14.0 %
ash6.0 %
moisture5.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
GimCat Malt Tabs are a supplementary cat food.
Daily recommended dose: 4-6 tabs.


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GimCat Malt Tabs

Latest user reviews

: 1/5
Same as a previous review here, my cat has started vomiting since I've been giving them these. They were also not pleased about it as a snack.
: 1/5
made cat vomit
I fed these to my cat and within 15 minutes he started to vomit - 6 times in all. I do not know what preservatives or coloring they used but will not use again.
: 5/5
Just Magic for cats
the best way to indulge your pet, my ragdoll loves this kisses, and ask for it every day.
: 5/5
My girl is an old angora bunny and the malt kisses drive her crazy. She claims one like a prize before bed every night and they help her with passing hairballs.
: 5/5
They love it
My 2 cats love it, I've only just received my order, and I'd better hide them, otherwise my cats will devour them all.
: 5/5
Incredibly popular
My cat loves this snack and eats them out of my palm! As soon as the bag is in my hand he shoots around the corner in anticipation :-))
: 5/5
Gimpet are the only treats that my Ragdoll will touch but for these he will actually take a chunk of finger too! During a house move we ran out and the inevitable furball problems recurred, but after a couple of days of the order arriving he was back to his normal happy furball free self. I hope I never run out again!!
Originally published in
: 3/5
Not so thrilled
My cat wasn't too happy about them. I guess they are too hard.He is not a picky eater, but if I don't mix them with other treats he spits them back.
01/22/09|J. Hookey
: 5/5
Gimpet Malt Kiss
My Aby queen simply adores these and will do anything to get a few. They're one of the few treats she likes and with the added benefit of dietary fibre! :)
: 5/5
Yep they LOVE them!
I left the opened parcel for a couple of minutes and came back to find that my kittens had inspected the contents removed the pack of malt kisses and ripped it apart and their love for them has only grown. Maybe they could sell these in bulk jars too!!!
: 3/5
Too hard to bite into?
My kitten struggled to eat these, as they are hard to bite into compared to other cat treats.
: 5/5
Cats love them :)
So pleased with these. Cats didn't seem to know what to do with them at first but soon decided they are yummy!!! Have to wait and see if they have effect on hairball sufferer...