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Smilla Multi-Vitamin Paste and Malt Paste Mixed Pack

Product description

Smilla Multi-Vitamin Paste and Malt Paste Mixed Pack 5 16
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Product description

The perfect combination of Multi-Vitamin Paste with 12 vitamins & taurine and Malt Paste to promote the natural transit of swallowed hair. Now try both of the Smilla pastes at a great price!
With the Smilla Multi-Vitamin paste and Malt paste mixed pack you can be sure that your cat will have a tasty and healthy treat every day. At the same time you will also be helping to support your cat’s vitality and wellbeing.

The tasty Smilla Multi-Vitamin paste contains 12 essential vitamins and taurine, to help your cat’s health and vitality and promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

Smilla Malt cat paste is a perfect supplement that contains pure natural malt and oils. The tasty malt paste helps to prevent the hairs from forming hairballs, and supports the natural passage of the swallowed hair and indigestible items through the digestive tract.

Now you can try the two tasty Smilla Cat Pastes at a great price!

You can find more information on the two Smilla Cat Pastes here:


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