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Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball - Chicken & Rice

Product description

Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball - Chicken & Rice 5 3
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Product description

Balanced complete food for adult cats, with tasty chicken. This dry food is ideal for preventing hairballs from forming &encourages hair to pass through the digestive tract. With MOS, FOS & taurine.
Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball Chicken & Rice is a balanced, dry food that has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats. This dry food contains plant fibres, which help to prevent the build-up of hairballs and also help swallowed hair to pass naturally through the digestive tract. This kibble contains fresh chicken as a delicious source of protein, which is easy for your cat to digest. Prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides and mannan-oligosaccharides naturally promote the spread of friendly bacteria in the gut, while yucca schidigera can help to reduce wind and stool odour.

Cats spend roughly 30% of their day grooming themselves. Their tongues are structured to work like a brush on their fur, picking up dead hair and dirt. Swallowed hairs are either brought back up again or they pass through the digestive system. Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball Chicken & Rice supports the natural passage of hair through the digestive system and also offers your cat a healthy, delicious meal.

Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball Chicken & Rice at a glance:

  • A complete, dry food for adult cats
  • Supports the healthy transit of hair through the digestive tract
  • Helps to reduce stomach irritation resulting from hairballs
  • With over 40% chicken: tastes delicious and is easy for your cat to digest
  • With plant fibres that help to reduce hairballs from building up
  • A source of MOS & FOS: integral in supporting healthy intestinal flora
  • Rich in yucca schidigera: reduces stool odour and wind
  • Contains linseed: stimulates healthy digestion
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and taurine
  • No artificial additives, preservatives or colourings
  • GMO free


Chicken (43%, incl. 26% fresh chicken, 17% dried chicken), whole corn rice meal, maize, rice, dried beef (5.2%), hydrolysed animal protein, chicken fat, beet pulp, cellulose (1%), yeast, minerals, mannanoligosaccharides (0.1%), inulin from chicory [source of FOS] (0.1%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A [3a672a] (17,500 IU), vitamin D3 [3a671] (750 IU), vitamin E [3a700] (300mg), vitamin B1 [3a821] (12mg), vitamin B2 (14mg), vitamin B6 [3a831] (12mg), vitamin B12 (0.15mg), vitamin K3 [3a711] (1mg), folic acid [3a316] (1mg), calcium-D-pantothenate [3a841] (20mg), biotin [3a880] (0.5mg), niacin [3a314] (25mg), choline chloride [3a890] (2660mg), iodine (1,07mg) [3b203] (1.64mg), copper (4.78mg) [cuprous sulphate pentahydrate (15.96mg), copper chelate from amino acids hydrate (16.87mg)], manganese (6.71mg) [manganous sulphate monohydrate [3b503] (20.67mg)], zinc (52.5mg) [zinc sulphate monohydrate [3b605] (125.74mg), zinc chelate from hydrolysed protein [3b612] (151.37mg)], selenium (0.03mg) [organic selenium [3b8.10] (11.38mg)], taurine (360mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 32.0 %
fat 17.0 %
fibre 2.8 %
ash 8.2 %
calcium 1.6 %
phosphorus 1.2 %
magnesium 0.11 %
moisture 9.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.36 %
omega-6 fats 3.1 %
calories that can be burned 3895.0 kcal/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball Chicken & Rice is a complete, dry food for adult cats.

Almo Nature recommends a combined feeding of both Almo Nature dry and Almo Nature wet cat food.
E.g. cats weighing 4 kg can be fed a combination of 140g of wet food and 35g of dry food.

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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