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Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Beef

Product description

Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Beef 5 1
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Product description

A complete dry cat food for sterilised cats, with a "Total 5" formula, a balanced composition of minerals, vitamins and proteins to support your cat's weight, digestion, skin, fur and urinary tract.
Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Beef is a complete and balanced dry food that has been developed with help from vets and experts. With its "Total 5" formula, this dry food covers the five most important needs of sterilised or neutered adult cats, caring for your cat's weight, digestion, skin, fur and urinary tract.

The crunchy kibbles can help to manually clean your cat's teeth, promoting good dental hygiene and healthy gums. With plenty of tasty beef as the main ingredient, the recipe promotes the development of strong muscles as well as making this dry food deliciously irresistible.
Only using high-quality ingredients, the recipe contains no colourings or preservatives and has an adjusted mineral content designed to prevent urinary tract diseases. This nutritionally balanced dry food contains more nutrients per calorie, ensuring less active cats can maintain an optimal body weight.

Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ contains vitamin B and iron, which can have positive effects on your cat's vitality and their mobility. Added biotine, zinc and omega fatty acids ensure healthy skin, a shiny coat and also help reduce excessive fur loss.
This delicious dry food combines high-quality, functional ingredients with fantastic flavour, something your cat won't be able to resist! 

Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Beef at a glance:
  • Complete dry food for neutered or castrated cats aged 1 year and up
  • High-quality ingredients: for unbeatable flavour and plenty of vital nutrients
  • Total 5 Formula: providing well-rounded care for your sterilised cat
  • Adjusted mineral content: promotes a healthy metabolism and can help protect a sensitive urinary tract from diseases
  • Perfect weight control: a nutritionally balanced recipe with more nutrients per calorie to encourage the correct weight in cats which are less active
  • Balanced recipe: contains all the key nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals
  • Beef as the main ingredient: provides valuable animal protein to promote muscle growth
  • Vitamin B & iron: supports mobility
  • Crunchy texture: can help to manually clean teeth
  • Omega fatty acids: for healthy skin and shiny, luxurious fur
  • With taurine: an essential nutrient for cats, that can promote heart function and eyesight
  • Developed by experts: state of the art recipe
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives


Greaves (incl. beef 14%), dried poultry protein, wheat, soya protein, corn meal, poultry fat, corn protein, soya meal, rice (4%), hydrolysed liver, yeast, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sunflower oil (0.4%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (9521 IU), vitamin B1 (26mg), vitamin B2 (44.5mg), vitamin C (98mg), vitamin D3 (1050 IU), vitamin E (1000mg), biotine (0.61mg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (23.2mg), L-carnitine (220mg), manganese-(II)-sulphate monohydrate (150mg), iodine (1.9mg), selenium (0.38mg), taurine (3940mg), zinc (400mg)

Analytical constituents

protein 38.0 %
fat 12.0 %
fibre 3.8 %
ash 9.0 %
calcium 1.3 %
phosphorus 1.0 %
calories that can be burned 370.0 kcal/100 g

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ Rich in Beef is a complete food.

Cat's weight Dry food (g/day) Dry + wet food pouches
3kg 45g 15g + 1½*
4kg 55g 15g + 2*
5kg 60g 15g + 2½*

*85g Pouches.

The recommended feeding amounts are only guidelines and should be adapted to your pet's individual activity levels and build. Changing to a new feed should be undertaken slowly. Fresh water should always be made available. Food should always be stored in a cool, dry place.


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