Trixie Juana Cat Tree

: 4/5
A grey, plush-coated cat tree with a large scratching barrel alongside, offering three lookout levels and a cuddle bed to doze in, as well as natural sisal matting to scratch, play and sharpen claws!...further information
Product description
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
Trixie Juana Cat Tree
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Product description

A grey, plush-coated cat tree with a large scratching barrel alongside, offering three lookout levels and a cuddle bed to doze in, as well as natural sisal matting to scratch, play and sharpen claws!

Offer your cat the ultimate in feline luxury with this fabulous Trixie Juana Cat Tree! It features a range of ways in which your cat can climb, sharpen its claws, play, sleep and cuddle. On the first of the three levels there is a sleeping area and a handy den that your cat can hide away in for some peace and quiet. It also works as the trunk of the tree, with a sisal scratching surface. It is fitted with cuddly cushions, velour, and sisal scratching surfaces. Here your cat can sharpen its claws and scratch to its heart’s desire, so your furniture, carpets and wallpaper all remain intact!

On top of this den there is a soft, cuddly reversible cushion and a bobbing plush ball for your cat to play with and prod with its paws. For those who like to climb even further, there is a third level to the Trixie Juana Cat Tree. Here your cat will find a cuddly bed with a border for your cat to rest its head on and cosy up to. The platform works as a lookout tower, so your cat can keep an eye on its entire kingdom. The Trixie Juana Cat Tree is in grey and light grey and has the words “RELAX”, “EASY LIVING”, “REST” and “HIDE”! It makes an attractive addition to any home and is a must for feline households.

Trixie Juana Cat Tree at a glance:

  • Plush-coated cat tree with three levels
  • Variety of opportunities for fun: for climbing, scratching, playing, hiding and sleeping
  • Plenty of scratching surfaces: with a natural sisal coated post and sisal surface on the den, ideal for sharpening claws and satisfying natural scratching desires
  • Cuddle den: cosy place for your cat to hideaway and have a nap, with a velour and sisal surface
  • Bobbing plush ball: toy with rattle to encourage your cat to play
  • High platform with cuddle bed: with a high border for cuddling, the ideal lookout point
  • With cuddly reversible cushion: with light-grey plush side and black velour side
  • Appealing look: grey and light grey with the words “RELAX”, “EASY LIVING”, “REST” and “HIDE”
  • Care instructions: reverse cushion and removable cuddle bed are hand washable
  • Colour: light-grey, grey
  • Material: plush, sisal
  • Dimensions:
    • Total dimensions: 57 x 46 x 134 cm (L x W x H)
    • Required space: 70 x 60 cm (L x W)
    • Base plate: 57 x 46 cm (L x W)
    • Scratch barrel: diameter 38 x (H) 100 cm (L x W)
      • Cuddle bed with fixed border: diameter 38 x (H) 13 cm
      • Upper sleeping den: diameter 38 x (H) 26 cm
        • Entrance: diameter 22cm
        • Passage into lower level: diameter 17cm
        • Hiding den: diameter 38 x (H) 19 cm
    • 4 reversible cushions: each diameter 35cm
    • Lookout platform with removable cuddle bed: diameter 40 x (H) 10 cm
    • 2 sisal posts: each diameter 11 x (L) 60 cm
Important information: As an added safety measure to support any cat tree as well as to prevent it accidentally tipping, we recommend using a wall bracket to secure the cat tree. You can purchase the wall bracket from zooplus. Please click here for further information: Cat Tree Wall Bracket. Please check the product regularly for any damage, loose joints or screws and replace the item when it becomes defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

Tips for fixing to the wall: Check that the condition of the wall in the desired place is suitable before affixing brackets to the wall. Materials for mounting brackets are not included. We recommend that you purchase screws and wall plugs that are specifically designed to suit your wall from a specialised shop. Use special wall plugs and screws for concrete, hollow walls or plasterboard. Check the stability of the cat tree before allowing your cat to use it. Check the stability regularly and tighten the screws when needed.

Please note: This cat tree includes hanging toys. No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet when playing with these toys. Check the toy regularly for damage, and remove the toy from the tree if it is damaged to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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: 2/5
Disappointing colour combination
Nothing wrong with the quality of the product but the colour combination is very disappointing. I ordered grey with white writing on the main tube and expected the base and cushions to match. However they are in cream. Nothing in the product description states this, Not sure how I am going to resolve this.
: 5/5
Perfect for my 2 cats
Easy to put together, heavy enough so it doesn’t sway when cats jump on & off. Good size sleeping beds for adult cats & great scratching area. Both of my cats love it.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Excellent sturdy cat tree
This is a really chunky solid cat tree, easy to put together and looks great in the room. Removable, washable cushions and a very cosy bed at the top which my eldest cat has taken charge of - he absolutely loves it. The cats can go up via the platform or scale the side as they can easily grip with their claws. I'm very pleased with this and would have no hesitation recommending it.
Originally published in
: 5/5
A sleeping place with a place to scratch
I was looking for a stable cat tree with at least 2 sleeping spots, that was relatively compact - and this Juana cat tree ticks all the boxes. It's high-quality and the barrel makes a good scratching post. It's also relatively easy to replace parts if needed. Trixie offers spares quite cheap.
: 5/5
Cats love it
A really nice cat tree and the cats love the scratch post. It's great there are more Trixie products on Zooplus!