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Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree

Product description

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Product description

Versatile cat scratching tree with 7 different places for your cat to relax, including a spacious den and lookout platform, covered with fabric and with robust scratching posts and heavy base plates.
The Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree is the perfect choice for owners looking for style and durability. We understand how much people invest in their living environments and that a cat scratching post needs to bring additional style and character. Creating harmony is our passion!
All Modern Living cat furniture and accessories are made with unique, eye-catching designs that fit effortlessly into any stylish home and take pride of place. All without forgetting the needs of our pets!

Modern Living. This Harmonious Life.

Is a small cat tree just not going to cut it in your house? This Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree offers plenty of space for multi-cat households or an entire family of cats, ensuring every cat can scratch and relax. There are lots of opportunities to chill, play, climb and sharpen claws, with a stylish modern design that fits into every home.

This large Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree stands sturdily on heavy real wood base plates and can be assembled in various ways. This means it can be set up to fit into a range of different spaces, depending on your home. The Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree has two large cat dens and platforms at various heights and levels. Every laying space is covered in fabric and offers optimum comfort. Each platform and the large play dens are linked together with the robust scratching posts, allowing your cat to sharpen its claws, stretch and scratch. Some of the levels also have bouncing plush balls to encourage your cat to play.

Modern Living Oxford Scratching Tree at a glance:
  • Large cat tree for playing, scratching and climbing
  • Extensive range of accessories: with 7 different laying spaces and robust scratching posts, ideal even for larger breeds and multi-cat households
  • Various assembly options: the base plates can be places in a straight line, in a corner shape or in a V-shape, so that the size of the tree can be adapted to fit your available space
  • Attractive textile upholstery: platforms and laying areas are covered with an elegant grey-flecked material
  • 2 oval dens: very spacious, with two entrances, ideal for playing and hiding, with padded laying areas for optimum comfort
  • 4 platforms: can be tilted, offering a great place to lay and helping to climb
  • Robust scratching posts: extra long and coated with thick natural sisal, ideal for scratching and sharpening claws
  • Round laying space with border: padded sleeping area with a raised position, ideal lookout platform
  • Play balls: made from plush and attached to an elastic band, for pawing and playing
  • Very robust: thanks to thick, heavy base plates
  • Easy to assemble: with screws and tools included
  • Colour: light-grey
  • Total dimensions: (all measurements can be found in the attachment)
    • V-shaped assembly: max. 130 x 58 x 156 cm (L x W x H)
    • Corner-shaped assembly: max. 106 x 77 x 156 cm (L x W x H)
    • Straight assembly: max. 138 x 65 x 156 cm (L x W x H)
Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.
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