Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass

Bowl + 50g Seeds
: 4/5
Decorative ceramic bowl with cute cat motif, suitable as a food or water bowl, includes 50g packet of cat grass seeds to get started, helps promote healthy digestion, prevents hairballs, easy to use...further information
Product description
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
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Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass

- Bowl + 50g Seeds


Product description

Decorative ceramic bowl with cute cat motif, suitable as a food or water bowl, includes 50g packet of cat grass seeds to get started, helps promote healthy digestion, prevents hairballs, easy to use

Cats swallow lots of fur when they groom themselves every day. If this hair remains in the stomach for a long time, it can form harmful hairballs. Cat grass is a natural way to aid digestion and prevent swallowed fur from turning into hairballs in the digestive tract.

It is highly recommended to provide cat grass to house cats that never go outside. This ceramic bowl comes with a 50g packet of seeds so you can start offering cat grass to your kitty very soon. This decorative bowl can also be used for food or water.

Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass at a glance:

  • Elegant ceramic bowl & cat grass seeds to grow your own at home
  • Helps digestion: provides cats with grass, which they require to stay healthy
  • Reusable bowl: cat grass can always be replanted
  • Ready to use straightaway: includes 50g of seeds to plant straightaway
  • Lovely design: decorated with cat pattern
  • Can be used as a food or water bowl
  • Cat grass is a supplement
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 15 x 4cm (Ø x H)
  • Includes ceramic bowl and 50g packet of seeds
Tip for use: The seeds germinate best when they have been soaked in water for 1 - 2 hours. After this, the seeds can be moved to the bowl. Place the bowl in a warm and light place and keep the seeds moist. You can also put the seeds in potting soil or a low-nutrient soil that is permeable to air and water.


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Latest user reviews

: 2/5
Looks pathetic and cat won't touch it!
This grew very sparsely, really pathetic. Cat hasn't gone near it.....
01/12/18|Queenie's Mum
: 5/5
Always Excellent
I've had about 6 of these with my membership points. It's always grown as per the photos and the cats have loved it. It generally lasts a couple of weeks and the bowl is great for water or biscuits.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Score is for bowl, not grass
I keep buying these for the bowl, as it's not a bad price for a nice bowl for her wet food. Saying that, it does seem to get tiny chips in the rim for some reason - I only wash it with hot water and a washing up brush. Not that that really makes any difference in daily use.
Originally published in
: 4/5
Grows well but cats not interested
The grass grows really well and kept well for me (I planted it in a normal pot after it sprouted). I can see the cats nibbled on a couple of leaves, but the seem to prefer my other houseplants.
: 3/5
Grass seed grew well in en-suite window
Having read previous reviews, I wasn't sure if the grass would grow, but I wanted a new bowl anyway, and liked this one. I planted and watered the seeds, then I placed the bowl in my en-suite window. I was amazed at how well the grass seed grew within 10 days. When it was around 2" tall I moved the grass to the lounge play area for my cats. Only 1 cat showed a little interest and nibbled at 2 blades of grass. Within a couple of day the grass went limp and turned brown - I guess this is because I moved it. My cats are are indoor cats, so they are not used to eating grass. They may have shown more interest it if it hadn't have died so quickly. Like most plants, I suspect the change in the environment contributed to it dying so quickly. If I purchase another one, I will be inclined to grow the grass seeds in the lounge window next time, where the cats are allowed. They can then investigate and see the grass grow, and hopefully eat some before it dies.
Originally published in
: 3/5
Grew well, brown within a week
This grass grew really well. We planted it one Saturday, put it in the living room window, and it was 6 inches tall and vibrant green two weeks later. A week after that, it's already turned brown and limp, and it's never been used. KitKat sniffed at it when we showed it to her, and has sniffed around it a couple of times since, but hasn't show much interest otherwise (though I read they only eat grass if they feel the need to vomit, so that's probably a good thing). I was very pleased with this purchase at first, but I'd hoped it would last much longer. As it is, I'm not sure whether to bother with replacement seeds, so we might just have a new bowl instead.
Originally published in
: 5/5
so easy to do and a lovely dish
Love This! it looks so lovely in the nice dish my two cats have munched through it already, time to buy some more seeds 😊
Originally published in
: 5/5
Very good, cat loves it
I got one of these with my Zooplus points.My cat likes me to feed him grass, a blade at a time, he has trouble pulling it out of a pot. Knowing that the grass I had growing in the garden would be dying off for winter I ensured this was growing in good time. As I have never had much luck with getting him to eat specially grown indoor grass before I put the bowl outdoors once the shoots had grown as the fresh air makes a difference. It has been a success, I still have to feed it to him but he enjoys it, and also likes to bury his face in the dish. If you find your cat isn't keen on it, try putting outdoors for a few days but keep it out of the rain.
12/03/13|Lucy Ashmore-Harris
: 5/5
Kitten adores this!
I've had this product for around a month now, my kitten chews at it more than 5 times a day and it's still alive! She's an indoor cat so I was told letting her have something like this to chew on would aid her digestion etc and I believe it has. I would recommend this product to anyone and have done to friends with indoor cats. It did take a while to set off growing and there are no instructions so I just added the sachet to soil and within a week I had a nice crop. Fantastic product!
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11/09/12|Alfie's mum
: 3/5
Great bowl but cat won't touch the grass!
My cat - a 7 year old Burmilla - was forever eating the grass in my garden but he'd stopped recently, so I thought I'd treat him to this item when it was in the sale. The ceramic bowl is gorgeous - really nice and wide but not too deep, and has stylish cat design on it - and I'm now using it as a water bowl. And growing the grass was easy and very quick (basically tip the entire pack of grass and some sort of soil equivalent) and water. You'll have a good crop within a few days. However, my cat won't touch it. Showed no interest whatsoever. He can be fussy, so I gave to a friend for her cat, but they're not interested either! Shame as I know it's good for them but sadly been a waste of effort...
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