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Hill's Science Plan Puppy <1 with Chicken

Product description

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Product description

Complete wet food for puppies and young dogs, suitable for pregnant or nursing dogs, with chicken and a tailored recipe that is easy to digest and rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants.
In the first year of life, the building blocks for a healthy canine life are being carefully built. Hill's Science Plan Puppy <1 with Chicken is the ideal diet for supporting this early life phase, with a recipe perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of young dogs.
This Hill's Science Plan Puppy <1 with Chicken wet dog food is made with high-quality ingredients and offers your puppy protein amongst other benefits, which helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass. The balanced mineral content can supports strong teeth and bones, whilst DHA from fish oil helps to keep the eyes and brain function developing healthily. Hill's Science Plan Puppy <1 with Chicken also contains a special antioxidant complex to support a strong immune system, in a highly digestible and delicious recipe.

Hill's Science Plan Puppy <1 with Chicken at a glance:
  • Balanced wet food for puppies and young dogs, as well as being suitable for pregnant or nursing bitches
  • Fine recipe with selected ingredients: high-quality raw ingredients and an optimum nutrient profile for puppies
  • Easy to digest: can ensure an optimum supply and intake of nutrients
  • High-quality protein: to support the building and maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • With antioxidants: contains a special antioxidant mix to support the immune system
  • DHA from fish oil: to encourage the healthy development of eyes and brain function
  • ​​​​​​​Tailored mineral content: to support strong bones and teeth
  • Very delicious: high acceptance amongst most puppies
  • Recommended by veterinarians


Chicken (min. 30%), ground maize, pearl barley, soya bean meal, pork liver, ferrous oxide, dicalcium phosphate, iodised sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, vitamins and trace elements.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (4350 IU), vitamin D3 (300 IU), vitamin E (45mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 8.4 %
fat 7.1 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 2.2 %
moisture 69.9 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendations in cans per day:

Hill's Science Plan Canine Puppy with Chicken is a complete food for growing dogs.

Age Expected adult weight Cans (current bodyweight)
2 months 1.5kg 1/4 (0.45kg)
3kg 1/3 (0.9kg)
5kg 1/2 (1.5kg)
7.5kg 3/4 (2.1kg)
10kg 3/4 (2.5kg)
15kg 1 (3.5kg)
20kg 1 1/3 (4.4kg)
25kg 1 1/2 (5.3kg)
35kg 1 3/4 (7kg)
45kg 2 (8.3kg)
55kg 2 1/4 (9.2kg)
4 months 1.5kg 1/3 (0.9kg)
3kg 1/2 (1.8kg)
5kg 3/4 (3kg)
7.5kg 1 (4.4kg)
10kg 1 1/3 (5.5kg)
15kg 1 2/3 (8kg)
20kg 2 (10.4kg)
25kg 2 1/2 (12.7kg)
35kg 3 (16.8kg)
45kg 3 1/2 (20.2kg)
55kg 3 3/4 (22.9kg)
6 months 1.5kg 1/3 (1.2kg)
3kg 1/2 (1.6kg)
5kg 1/2 (1.5kg)
7.5kg 1 (4kg)
10kg 1 2/3 (7.5kg)
15kg 2 1/4 (10.9kg)
20kg 2 2/3 (14kg)
25kg 3 (17.1kg)
35kg 2 3/4 (22.8kg)
45kg 4 1/2 (28.4kg)
55kg 5 (33.6kg)
10 months 1.5kg 1/3 (1.5kg)
3kg 2/3 (3kg)
5kg 1 (4.7kg)
7.5kg 1 1/4 (7.1kg)
10kg 1 1/2 (8.9kg)
15kg 2 (13.5kg)
20kg 2 1/2 (17.7kg)
25kg 2 3/4 (21.3kg)
35kg 3 1/2 (28kg)
45kg 4 1/4 (34.9kg)
55kg 4 3/4 (41.7kg)

Pregnant bitches:

Time frame Weight Cans
1 - 4 weeks 2.5kg 1/2
5kg 1
10kg 1 2/3
15kg 2 1/4
20kg 2 3/4
30kg 3 1/2
40kg 4 1/2
50kg 5 1/3
60+kg 1 per 10kg
5 - 6 weeks 2.5kg 3/4
5kg 1 1/4
10kg 2
15kg 2 3/4
20kg 3 1/3
30kg 4 2/3
40kg 5 3/4
50kg 6 3/4
60+kg 1 1/4 per 10kg
1 - 4 weeks 2.5kg 3/4
5kg 1 1/2
10kg 2 1/2
15kg 3 1/3
20kg 4
30kg 5 1/2
40kg 6 3/4
50kg 8
60+kg 1 1/2 per 10kg

For puppies and pregnant bitches: 2-4 meals per day. Initially use the stated daily amounts, then adapt to ensure an optimum bodyweight. If you are unsure, ask your vet! From 12 months onwards your dog can move onto Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness.
For lactating bitches: have food available at all times. If you are feeding this food for the first time, mix it with your dog's current food for the first 7 days, gradually increasing the amount of the new food compared to the old. Ensure fresh drinking water is always available. To offer your pet lifelong good health, be sure to offer it balanced nutrition and book regularly veterinary visits (at least twice per year).


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