Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown

83 x 50 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
A durable, water resistant cushion, ideal for use in dog carriers, kennels or in the car. Made from tear-proof material, sturdy, long-lasting and washable....further information
Product description
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown
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Product description

A durable, water resistant cushion, ideal for use in dog carriers, kennels or in the car. Made from tear-proof material, sturdy, long-lasting and washable.

This comfy cushion from Ferplast is a great accessory to keep your pet cosy and happy, wherever it chooses to settle down for a nap.
The soft cushion keeps your dog warm in the winter, and in summer offers your dog a dry, relaxing place to chill out. Its water resistant material makes it very durable, and the quilted surface keeps its shape even when used intensively.

When travelling with your dog to the vet or on longer journeys, this cushion is the ideal solution to keep your car clean and tidy. The waterproof, sturdy material also makes this the perfect cushion for dog kennels or carriers. It can be washed at 30°C, making it hygienic as well as comfortable.

The Ferplast Jolly Cushion - Brown at a glance:

  • Ideal for dog kennels, carriers or in the car
  • Made from especially durable material
  • Quilted surface
  • Water resistant and sturdy
  • Tear-proof design
  • Washable at up to 30°C



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: 1/5
Very disappointed
I bought this cushion (I'm using the word in the loosest possible sense!) on the strength of fellow customer reviews and because it was on offer, and honestly, I wonder if I've been sent a dud. It is not in the least bit comfy and the advertised thickness of 3cm only applies when there is no animal on it. Once my pup lies on it, the thickness is reduced to barely anything, perhaps 1cm, if I'm generous. I'm sorry I've removed the tag, or I would send it back.
: 5/5
Very useful
It's very cushioned, my cats started to sleep on it straight away. It's on top of the sofa and they love it. Now my sofa is hair free :)
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
22/12/17|valerie stafford
: 5/5
Great Cushion!!
We were having awful trouble with our 13 week old frenchie with wetting his bed. We then tried the vet bedding which he tears to shreds. This was the last thing we tried and I am now buying a second for a backup! it is quite water resistant but when he wets it we still need to wash it every now and again. It washes well and is great quality!
: 5/5
Size Small: No marks, very satisfied
I ordered the Jolly 85 and so far I'm completely satisfied. The thickness is really good and the material seems sturdy. We live in quite a small flat and now my dog has a place to lie down when he's wet or dirty. I would actually prefer an even smaller size for small dogs because 3 of my dog, stretched out, could fit on the Jolly 85!^^
: 5/5
Different upholstery
We bought the small pillow and were really pleased with it. Unfortunately the larger pillow is a lot flatter. We would buy the small one again, but not the large pillow.
: 5/5
We love it! <3
Our dogs love this pad. The size we ordered is perfect, it's easy to clean and it seems very cosy. Not only do we use it at home on the terrace, but we take it with us for all our outdoor activities - because none of our pups want to lay down in the dirt :-) Great product, would buy again - definitely a recommendation from us!
: 5/5
Clean even in crap weather
Every owner is aware of this problem: After a walk in the rain, you put the dog in a car transport crate. Without a pillow it's too uncomfortable and slippery. Any pillow that isn't water proof will be soaked through and ruined. This pillow solves that problem: It's comfy and when the dog gets out it can be easy wiped clean and dry. It also fits perfectly into the Gulliver Transport Crate.
: 5/5
Resilient and easy to clean
We have this pillow in 2 diff. sizes. Both pillows are very happily used, either for lazing indoors or for cold nights outside. Very sturdy and really easy to clean with a quick hoover or a wipe down with a wet cloth. Even after lots of washes the pillows still retain their shape. And they dry really quickly. We are very satisfied!