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Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Grey

Product description

Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Grey 5 92
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Product description

Joint-kind dog bed with a memory foam mattress, helping to support and relieve your dog to ensure relaxing, pain-free sleep, with a smooth cover featuring a peach-skin effect and high border.

This Orthopaedic Dog Bed is a comfortable dog bed that is kind on your dog's joints, containing memory foam for restful, pain-free sleep. Memory foam has been used for many years in human medicine, as it fits perfectly to the body's shape and relieves the joints and spine. Your dog's body heat allows it to sink into the memory foam, offering optimum comfort and support.
The Orthopaedic Dog Bed has a high border that helps with painless sleep. The border padding and mattress can both be removed from the bed with the help of zip closures. The high-quality cover with a smooth surface and the separate cuddly bedding layer made from extra-soft sheepskin plush are attached using Velcro, helping to prevent it from slipping whilst still allowing you to separate them for cleaning.

Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Grey at a glance:

Memory Foam
Memory foam is visco-elastic and fits perfectly to your dog's body, helping to relieve joints and spine.

Easy to clean
The cover can be removed using the zip fasteners, allowing for it to be easy hand-washed. The separate plush cover can be machine washed at 30°C.

Removable bedding layer
The extra-cuddly plush layer is fastened to the main cover using Velcro fasteners, so that it does not slip around but can be removed easily for cleaning.

Range of sizes
The dog bed is available in four different sizes, making it suitable for every dog breed.

  • Memory foam (Visco foam) for restful, pain-free sleep
  • Extra high border for a comfortable place to rest the head
  • Ideal for older dogs
  • Particularly stable: mattress with supportive base made from sustainable PUR foam
  • High-quality upper material: with attractive peach-skin effect
  • Timeless design: the shape and colour make it perfect for any home
  • Non-slip: thanks to anti-slip knobs
  • Colour:
    • Bed: grey
    • Plush mattress topper: ivory/ grey
  • Material:
    • Cover, bedding layer: 100% polyester
    • Mattress: foam (polyurethane)/memory foam (visco foam)
Dimensions (L x W x H) Sleeping Area (L x W)* Border Height PUR-foam / Memory Foam Thickness
approx. 75 x 50 x 25 cm approx. 57 x 42 cm 17cm 2.8/4.5cm
approx. 90 x 60 x 30 cm approx. 70 x 50 cm 20cm 3/5cm
approx. 115 x 70 x 32 cm approx. 95 x 60 cm 20cm 4.5/5cm
approx. 140 x 80 x 32 cm approx. 120 x 70 cm 20cm 4.5/5cm

*The plush layer will be slightly covered by the border padding, meaning that the laying surface is marginally reduced.

Care instructions: The cover is attached with Velcro straps to allow it to be removed before washing to prevent the plush fabric from getting matted.

Please note: Due to technical reasons, the mattress in this item will be shrink- and vacuum-packed. As the memory foam mattress will be tightly compressed, please allow up to 48 hours after unpacking for the mattress to fully unfold and reach its full height.

Place an underlay between the bed and parquet or PVC flooring to help prevent floor discolouration.


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