Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl - Ivory

400 ml
: 4/5
A melamine bowl by Savic which helps your dog eat more slowly for improved digestion and increased dental hygiene, dishwasher safe. ...further information
Product description
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl - Ivory
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl - Ivory
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl - Ivory
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl - Ivory
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Product description

A melamine bowl by Savic which helps your dog eat more slowly for improved digestion and increased dental hygiene, dishwasher safe. 

This ivory, non-slip Savic melamine bowl has an integrated elevation which will stop your cat bolting its food. Your cat has to eat around the “obstacle” and this will prevent it from gobbling its food. The eating time increases by up to 50%. This bowl is suitable for all foods and for water.

Slower eating has many positive advantages. Your cat will feel full up more quickly which prevents over-eating. The chewing phase is also longer. This increases saliva production which helps the digestive system. And a longer chewing phase is good for dental hygiene.

Melamine is a special, very light, scratch resistant, shock-proof plastic. It is durable and does not react to changes in temperature. The surface is almost china-like and very hygienic, making it excellent to serve food on.

The bowl is easy to clean – simply place in the dishwasher. There is a rubber ring on the base which prevents it slipping about.

Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl at a glance:

  • Colours: black or ivory
  • Material: Melamine, scratch resistant and shock proof
  • Capacity 400 ml
  • Improved dental hygiene and digestion
  • Slower feeding means your pet feels full more quickly and helps to prevent overeating
  • Improves digestion and helps prevent choking up of food, flatulence and twisting of the gut.
  • Suitable for all foods and water
  • Dishwasher-proof

Size guide:

Capacity Diameter
- Base -
- Inside Bowl -
400 ml 18 cm 15 cm
600 ml 22 cm 18 cm
1100 ml 26 cm 22 cm
It is important that you select the right sized bowl for your dog. Dogs with a broad snout need a larger bowl than dogs with a pointed snout.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Great design
Fit for purpose.
: 3/5
Doesn't stop Gobbling!
Nice bowl, but doesn't stop my dog from gobbling her food!
: 3/5
0.4l and 0.6l bowl didn't work well for our cat
I like the idea and see it has worked for others but neither the 0.4l or 0.6l bowl worked well for our (smaller) medium sized cat. The 0.4l bowl was, as another reviewer found, too small between partitions and with the 0.6l bowl, as another reviewer found, our cat tended to hook out the wet food sometimes dispersing a piece over the floor unoticed by him. A good product though for those it works with.
Originally published in
04/09/14|Mrs Fatty's slave
: 5/5
good for greedy cats too!
I have 3 cats, one of which likes to inhale her food rather than eating it! So I thought I would give this bowl a try, I purchased the small 400ml size and it's perfect, I squish her food into the corners and it's taken her twice if not three times as long to eat her dinner giving the other cats a chance to finish theirs! Price is much better than I have found on amazon etc.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Good bowl
Bought the small size & plenty of room for our cocker spaniel with the high quality dry food he has. It has stopped him belching and he seems very happy eatng from it. The cream colour goes with any decor & it is good quality and heavy enough to stop it sliding
Originally published in
31/03/12|L. Brown
: 5/5
Happy :o)
I bought the largest bowl for my very large Springer with the aim of stopping his few burps. Haven't noticed any burping since but have noticed how much he enjoys mealtimes even more now. It's a game eating the food and he relishes cleaning the bowl - it gives his tongue a work out and has just made the routine more interesting. The bowl itself is ideal being so light but still non-slip (he was used to a ceramic bowl), great to wash, quick to dry. I was abit hesitant about buying something so different but am really pleased I did and would do the same for our other dog. If it takes her longer to eat her food, she'll think she's been given more ;o)
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