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U-Shaped Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Bowls

Product description

U-Shaped Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Bowls 5 4
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29.99 29.99 EUR 1
2 x 1.8 litre
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Product description

Very stable dog bar with 2 stainless steel bowls included. The bar is suitable for all dog breeds and the adjustable height makes mealtimes much easier for your pets.
The height of the stainless steel feeding bowls on this dog bar can be individually adjusted just as required. With just a turn of the hand you can position the included stainless steel bowls to suit your pets. Your dog won't have to stoop down to reach its food or water and it can adopt the ideal posture for feeding. This helps to protect joints and bones.

Feeding bars are very helpful if your dog has long ears which fall into the food. If your dog does not have to bend down because the bowl is at the right height, its ears will not drag in the bowl as much.

A correctly positioned bowl will also help to slow your dog down when eating. When the bowl is on the floor dogs often slobber and dribble, as well as eating too quickly which can cause them to swallow something the wrong way.

This double bowl dog bar can be used when your dog is very small and the height of the bowls adjusted as your dog grows. It is ideal for all dogs of all sizes, whatever their height or breed, so it is perfect for dog owners with different sized dogs and puppies.

The two stainless steel bowls are simply inserted into the bowl hoops. They can also be locked in place from above with a clamping device. The sturdy frame ensures that the bar is steady and stable and it can cope with even the most enthusiastic of eaters. If the floor is uneven you can adjust the plastic feet so that the stand is wobble-free.

The stainless steel bowls are hygienic and easy to clean. They can be washed in the dishwasher. The feeding bar is easy to assemble and you will only need a household spanner.

U-Shaped Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Bowls at a glance:

  • Frame:
    • Material: square metal tubing, hammer finish
    • Colour: black / silver
    • Stable and sturdy
    • Individually adjustable plastic feet to level out uneven floors
    • Easy to assemble


  • Bowl Hoops:
    • Material: round metal tubing, varnished
    • Colour: black / silver
    • Fully adjustable height of bowls
    • Additional bowl locking system


  • Bowls:
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Durable
    • Do not rust
    • Hygienic, easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe



height adjustment
Dog Bowl Stand
total dimensions
footprint (floor)
2 x 1.8 litres Diameter 21cm x H 7.6cm Approx. 8 - 44cm 59 x 26.5 x 54 cm
(L x W x H)
40 x 26.5 cm (L x W)


Instructions for assembly:
  1. Take the curved, u-shaped pole and push each locking device on first and then the bowl holders.
  2. Attach the base to the curved pole. Connect both parts using the included screws.
  3. Turn the dog bar around. Attach the holders in the desired positions using the attachment knob.
  4. Place the bowls in the holders and fix with the locking device.


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