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Dog Overall Reflection

Product description

Dog Overall Reflection 4 3
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approx. 30cm Back Length
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approx. 35cm Back Length
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approx. 40cm Back Length
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approx. 50cm Back Length
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Product description

Strongly reflective overall for all dog breeds. Improves visibility in the dark, protects against wind, water, cold, and covers the legs. Dirt-repellent, very comfortable, washable. Colour: grey
The Dog Overall Reflection has a surface layer that is completely reflective and beams back light from sources such as car lights. This makes your dog instantly visible even from large distances, vitally improving safety in poor visibility conditions. Thanks to a clever design, the reflectivity of the overalls is increased in the wet, so that journeys in the rain don't need to pose any danger.

The overalls are lined with a warm layer and made from water and dirt-repellent fabric that keeps your pet safe from the elements on your outdoor adventures. It offers protection from wind, rain, dirt, and the cold, and the overall even extends to cover the top of the legs. It features cuffed legs to provide a comfortable but secure fit. 

Dog Overall Reflection at a glance:
  • Water-repellent overall for all dog breeds
  • Unrivalled visibility: dog can be easily spotted from afar, improved security in the dark
  • Highly reflective: incoming light is beamed back as the whole overall lights up silvery-grey
  • Suited to poor weather: rain increases reflectivity
  • Offers 4-fold protection: against the dark, the cold, the wet, and dirt, thanks to the water and dirt-repellent upper
  • Covers half the leg: and closes with a soft and secure cuff
  • Comfortable fit: can be adjusted to fit the shape of your dog's body for unrestricted movement 
  • Drawstring with stoppers: smooth adjustment at the neck and belly
  • Warming Polar Fleece leaning: soft and snuggly, keeps the cold at bay
  • Breathable material: moisture regulation
  • Very comfortable: light material, relaxed fit
  • With velcro fastenings and push buttons: easy to put on and remove
  • Added reflective strips: on both sides and along the chest
  • Stylish & practical
  • Colour: grey
  • Material:
    • Upper: 100% Polyester Nylon (highly reflective)
    • Lining: 100% Polyester
    • Water-repellent
  • Verschluss: Reißverschluss mit zusätzlichen Druckknöpfen
  • Justierbarkeit: Tunnelzüge im Hals- und Brustbereich
  • Pflegehinweis: maschinenwaschbar bei 30°C (Schonwäsche)

Sizing Table:
Back Length (A)
Velcro Length
Neck Circumference (B)
adjustable via drawstring
Chest Circumference (C) Leg Length (from middle of the back)
front / back 
total Length (E)
30cm approx. 20 - 32cm approx. 50cm approx. 26.5cm / 24.5cm approx. 42cm
35cm approx. 22 - 34cm approx. 59cm approx. 32cm / 30cm approx. 50cm
40cm approx. 24 - 36cm approx. 68 cm approx. 35.5cm / 35cm approx. 58cm
45cm approx. 28 - 44cm approx. 73cm approx. 40.5cm / 37.5cm approx. 65cm
50cm approx. 30 - 50cm approx. 84cm approx. 47.5cm / 44.5cm approx. 70cm
60cm approx. 34 - 55cm approx. 90cm approx. 52cm / 49.5cm approx. 83cm

921098 Massskizze(A) The length of the back is best measured from the lowest point of the neck to the start of the tail.
(B) The neck circumference is best measured from the lowest point of the neck.
(C) The chest circumference is best measured from directly behind the front legs.
(D) The length of the legs is best measured vertically from the middle of the back to the paws.
(E) The total length is best measured from the sternum to the end of the body.


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