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JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Camouflage

Product description

JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness - Camouflage 5 62
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Product description

Ergonomically designed harness that distributes pulling force through the dog’s chest and ribcage, instead of putting pressure on the neck. The harness also has a breathable and skin-friendly lining.
Innova Dog Comfort® (IDC) Products from JULIUS-K9® stand for quality, security and modern design. The carefully designed ergonomic structure of the Power Harness puts it ahead of the pack: Whilst other harnesses often cause an uneven pull on your dog’s neck, the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness rests on the dog’s chest and distributes forces evenly across the dog’s chest and ribcage. The even force distribution makes the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness the ideal harness, even for high-impact activities like sports, walking over rough terrain or for using with working dogs.

The lining of this robust, quality harness is made from Ökotex, a breathable and skin-friendly fabric. The chest and tummy straps can be continuously adjusted, allowing the harness to be fitted to your dog’s exact shape. The heavy-duty buckle has been crash tested for durability and the reflective chest strap and seams provide added safety. The back of the harness features a stainless steel ring for attaching the lead, and is placed to ensure that your dog finds walks on the lead much more comfortable than with a conventional collar. There is also a back handle grip (except in sizes Baby 1 & 2), to allow you to lift or hold the dog for a short time.

The harness has a label patch on each side where you can fit reflective slogans with Velcro. JULIUS-K9® Logos are fitted as standard, but you can replace them with other logos to suit your taste and style.


JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness – Camouflage at a glance:

  • High quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs
  • Ergonomic design: The special shape distributes pulling forces evenly across the chest, rather than tugging on the dog’s neck
  • Ökotex lining: Breathable and skin friendly material, developed according to strict ecological and chemical guidelines
  • Reflective chest strap and edging: For higher visibility and security
  • Durable material: scratch-resistant, robust and water-repellent
  • Unbreakable buckles: with a proven strength of up to 350kg
  • Additional side buckles: for attaching side bags (only Sizes 0 to 2, bags not included)
  • Guaranteed perfect fit: adjustable along the chest and waist
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Reflective JULIUS-K9® lettering on the side
  • O-ring for attaching leads
  • 2 tabs for attaching safety lights (only Sizes 0 to 2, lights not included)
  • Harness type: saddle harness
  • Material:
    • Outer material: 100% Polyester
    • Lining: ÖKO-TEX® certified
    • O-Ring: Stainless steel
  • Colour: camouflage
  • Closure type: click fastening
  • Closure material: plastic


Size Guide for JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness:

Size Chest circumference Dog's weight Handle Handle fixing Dimensions
Logo Velcro Label (L x W)
Mini-Mini 40 - 53cm 4 – 7kg yes no 11 x 3 cm
Mini 49 - 67cm 7 – 15kg yes no 11 x 3 cm
Size 0 58 - 76cm 14 – 25kg yes yes with popper fastening 11 x 3 cm
Size 1 63 - 85cm 23 – 30kg yes yes with popper fastening 16 x 5 cm
Size 2 71 - 96cm 28 – 40kg yes yes with popper fastening 16 x 5 cm
Size 3 82 - 115cm 40 – 70kg yes yes with popper fastening 16 x 5 cm



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