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Savic Comfort Dog Nappies

Product description

Savic Comfort Dog Nappies 4 7
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Size 3 (Pack of 12)
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Product description

Disposable, comfortable nappy for dogs, extremely absorbent and ideal for keeping your home clean and hygienic. It is ideal for untrained puppies, as well as for dogs in heat or with incontinence.
The Savic Comfort Dog Nappies is an absorbent nappy designed specifically for dogs, available in different sizes and ideal for puppies as well as adult dogs.
The black nappies are easy to use and offer comfort for your dog, as well as a clean feeling every day.
Dogs have many of the same problems to face as human beings, including the need to wear a nappy from time to time. These Savic Comfort Dog Nappies are ideal for before your puppy is house-trained, or for when females are in heat or older dogs suffering from incontinence.
A dog nappy helps to contain moisture and bind it using absorbent gel, to help your dog feel dry and pleasant all day. These Savic Comfort Dog Nappies are single use and can simply be disposed of at the end of the day. With your dog standing in front of you, simply attach the nappy from behind and fasten around the stomach. There is an opening for the tail, to ensure maximum comfort and prevent the tail from being crushed.
The Savic Comfort Dog Nappies can also be use after operations, to help protect wounds and keep any blood contained. The nappy helps ensure cleanliness and hygiene within your own four walls. The black colour helps to ensure that any accidents are not immediately visible, which is ideal if you are out and about with your dog. The Savic Comfort Dog Nappies are available in different sizes, to fit puppies, adult dogs and many breeds.
The Savic Comfort Dog Nappies can simply be disposed of in the household waste once used, as with baby nappies.

Savic Comfort Dog Nappies at a glance:
  • Disposable nappies for dogs
  • Absorbent gel: extremely absorbent and dry
  • Versatile: ideal for non-housetrained puppies, bitches in heat, nervous or incontinent dogs, after medical operations and for wounds in the genital area or rear
  • Highly comfortable, with an opening for the tail
  • Colour: black (accidents are not immediately obvious)
  • Size: different sizes available
  • Dispose of with the household waste
Size Circumference of Stomach
1 32 - 42 cm
3 34 - 48 cm
6 46 - 56 cm
7 74 - 84 cm


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