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zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads

Product description

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30 x Medium Pads: 45 x 30 cm (L x W)
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30 x Large Pads: 60 x 45 cm (L x W)
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Product description

Hygienic training pads ideal for puppies and older or unwell dogs, offering soft fleece with a honeycomb structure and filled with an absorbent gel, with a waterproof underside to catch moisture.
Anyone with any experience of puppies will know that, until your little rascal is house-trained, there is every chance that toilet accidents will happen! The zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads can be extremely useful at this time, ideal for placing on floors, sofas or in the car to prevent urine and stool staining or damaging surfaces and helping to keep your home clean.

These zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads can also be used for house-training your puppy, getting your young dog used to going to the toilet in a certain area. The training pads should be changed after every use, so that going to the toilet is a clean, pleasant experience for your puppy. Once your dog begins to get used to the process, you can gradually move the zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads closer and closer to the door, until it is on the doorstep. At this point, your puppy should be ready to learn that outside is the place to go to the toilet!

The zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads are made from soft fleece material with a honeycomb structure. Inside, there is an absorbent material that reliably absorbs moisture and changes into a gel. The waterproof base of the zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads ensures that the floor beneath the pad remains dry. This fleece underlayer is particularly versatile, making the zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads perfect for use around food and water bowls, in a dog bed or on the sofa.

zooplus Puppy Trainer Pads at a glance:
  • Hygienic training pads for puppies
  • Also suitable for old and unwell dogs, or as an underlay in dog beds or kennels
  • Alternative to nappies
  • Training function: gets your puppy used to going to the toilet outside
  • Soft fleece material with honeycomb structure: extra soft and particularly absorbent
  • Gel filling: absorbent, reliably takes on moisture then turns into gel
  • Waterproof base: secure protection against soiling
  • Thin: not bulky
  • Odour neutral: prevents irritation
  • Keeps paws dry and clean
  • Material:
    • Upper side: cellulose fibre with honeycomb structure
    • Filling: absorbent gel
    • Base: film
  • Dimensions:
    • Size M: 45 x 30 cm (L x W)
    • Size L: 60 x 45 cm (L x W)
  • Contains: 30 pads per pack


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