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Savic Puppy Trainer Pads with Activated Charcoal

Product description

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Large: 60 x 45cm, 50 Pads
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Medium: 45 x 30cm, 50 Pads
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Product description

Training pads for puppies with an innovative activated charcoal layer to protect against smell and a silica gel to trap fluids. This house-training product is exclusively available at zooplus
The Savic Puppy Trainer Pads with Activated Charcoal are a handy tool to house train your new puppy exclusively available at zooplus. They are ideal for the bumps along the way when teaching the newest member of your family to go outside to do his or her business.
The non-woven fabric surface boasts rapid absoprtion of liquids while the activated charcoal layer is great at binding to odours and keeping your home smell-free. And you can always rely on the silica gel filling to keep mess to a minimum, especially with the foil underside to prevent any spillages.
To get your puppy house-trained, choose the location of the Puppy Pad carefully. It should be in a quiet place, far from where the dog sleeps or eats. Take some time to get your puppy used to the pads and the smell of the pheromones. Place them on the pad each time you see them getting ready to do their business. Move the pad towards the door in small increments every day until you have reached your desired destination. Remember to remain patient and change the pad after every use.

Savic Puppy Trainer Pads with Activated Charcoal at a glance:
  • Innovative tool for training and educating puppies
  • Perfect for house training
  • Exclusively available at zooplus
  • Non-woven fabric surface and activated charcoal layer: rapid absoprtion and odour neutralisation
  • Scented with pheromones: encourages use and can shorten duration of training
  • 6 layers: for added safety and security
  • Filled with silica gel: to quickly and safely absord liquids and turn them into gel form
  • Prevents dirty paw prints: all liquids stay on the pad
  • Anti-spill: thanks to a foil underside that prevents leakage
  • Multi-purpose: can also be used in dog baskets
  • Cute dog print on the underside
  • Colour:
    • Top: grey
    • Bottom: white with dog pattern
  • Material:
    • Top: activated charcoal / non-woven fabric
    • Filling: silica gel
    • Bottom: Foil
  • Dimensions:
    • Medium: 45 x 30cm
    • Large: 60 x 45cm
  • Contains: 50 pads
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