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XL Wash Bag

Product description

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75 x 80cm (L x W)
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Product description

XL wash bag for your pet’s accessories (blankets, covers, collars etc), protects the washing machine, easy to clean, ready to use straightaway, zip fastener makes it easy to fill, made from polyester

Those who have pets with lots of hair will know that, during the moulting season, blankets, cushions and covers get covered in no time with so much fur that you could make another pet out of it all. This XL wash bag comes in handy when washing all kinds of pet accessories.

This wash bag can prevent pet hair from getting into the washing machine while allowing the water and soap suds to reach the accessories inside. Everything will come out clean and the washing machine will remain hygienic and clean. The wash bag also reduces the risk of damage to the washing machine due to hard objects such as buckles or rings on collars or harnesses. The wash bag is made from thick, robust fabric which pet hair can’t stick to. The fur is collected inside and can easily be shaken out.

XL wash bag at a glance:

  • Large wash bag for pet accessories
  • Versatile: for washing cushions, blankets, fleeces, covers, throws, mats, cage liners, dog coats, towels, dog boots, soft toys as well as collars and harnesses
  • Protects the washing machine:
  • Ensures that it remains clean, hygienic and free of pet hair
  • Can prevent damage caused by hard parts such as buttons, zips, buckles and rings on collars or harnesses
  • Robust and permeable to water: made from hard-wearing, thick fabric that lets water and soap through so the contents can be washed
  • Easy to clean: loose pet hair is collected inside and can be tipped out afterwards
  • Ready to use again straightaway: doesn’t become saturated with water, fur doesn’t stick to the fabric, the wash bag can be used again as soon as any hair has been removed
  • Full-length zip opening: easy to fill up, open and close the wash bag
  • Practical hook to hang up and store the wash bag
  • Colour: grey
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions: 75 x 80cm (L x W)
  • Care instructions: machine washable at 40°C
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