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Trixie Dog Agility Seesaw

Product description

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300 x 34 x 54 cm
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Product description

Challenge your dog to keep his balance with this agility training seesaw from Trixie. Weather resistant with a rubber coating for a secure fit, made of glazed pine wood and the ideal bonding activity.
Joint activities between dog and owner help to build your relationship and trust. This Trixie Dog Activity Agility Seesaw has been developed to help promote your dog's balance, challenging it in a way it would not normally encounter. The Trixie Dog Activity Agility Seesaw helps to build trust as your dog learns to walk along the wobbly seesaw. The special rubber coating helps your dog stay stable on the surface. It is made from glazed pinewood and is weather-resistant.

Trixie Dog Activity Agility Seesaw at a glance:

  • Agility training device for dogs
  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor exercises
  • Weatherproof: made of glazed pine wood
  • Tread areas with rubber coating: non-slip and safe
  • Promotes balance and agility
  • Strengthens the bond between owner and dog
  • Coloured contact zones
  • Total dimensions: 300 x 34 x 54 cm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum capacity: up to 80kg
Please note: Without care, wood dries out and can become brittle, distort or become unsightly. Therefore, ensure regular basic cleaning and preparation of your agility seesaw. We recommend applying a coat of wood preserving product if the hutch is to be left outside. Please make sure that you use non-toxic products that are not harmful to animals. Choose a location that is as secure as possible to reduce weather-related wear and tear.


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