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DogRunner Cycle Mount

Product description

DogRunner Cycle Mount 4 17
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Cycle mount
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Product description

Attach any dog lead safely and securely to your bicycle, for full-on outdoor fun
Walking your dog while you cycle is great fun and good exercise for both you and your pet. Until now, holding your pet's leash and bicycling at the same time was a bit of a careful balancing act, but with this easy-to-mount device, you're pet stays on the leash without throwing you off balance.

Any time your dog pulls sharply in the wrong direction, the movable suspension reacts to cancel out the movement. The attachment also prevents your dog from running in front of or between your wheels.

With this cycle mount, you can cycle safely and comfortably with both hands firmly on the handlebars. The device is easy to mount and detach, it is quality certified, solidly constructed with a chrome finish, and guarantees enjoyable, stress-free exercise with your dog after just a few minutes of practice.
DogRunner Cycle Mount at a glance:

  • Bike lead attachment
  • TÜV tested: safety and durability tested
  • Solid steel
  • Keeps your dog at a distance from your bike
  • With suspension to counteract pulling
  • Including lead, approx. 60cm
  • Suitable for bikes with a frame thickness of up to 36mm
  • Frame clamp: 11.3 x 9.2 cm (L x W)
  • Plastic protective frame sleeve: L 9cm
Safety tips:
In order to experience safer leisure time with your dog, zooplus recommends avoiding busy streets.
Most dogs learn to run with the cycle mount on the first time round within a matter of a few seconds. You can usually just securely attach your dog and you're off.
We recommend using a simple harness instead of a dog collar!
Should your dog not be in shape or unaccustomed to running alongside your bike, you shouldn't overdo it on the first try. The cycle mount can be attached to either side of the bike. Let your dog set the pace and length of the ride. We recommend first attaching it at a height of approx. 40 cm.
Caution! Sprinting over asphalt can really hurt a dog's paws. Be aware of others along the path/road, particularly pedestrians.

Please note:
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