KONG Stuff-A-Ball

L: approx. diameter 9cm
: 5/5
Occupational dog toy for filling with snacks, cleans teeth and strengthens chewing muscles, suitable for large and small dogs, robust material...further information
Product description
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
KONG Stuff-A-Ball
L: approx. diameter 9cm139263.1

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Product description

Occupational dog toy for filling with snacks, cleans teeth and strengthens chewing muscles, suitable for large and small dogs, robust material

Nowadays, dogs no longer have to "work" for their food. For many of your pets, hunting is now a game that poses mental and physical challenges.

Gnawing up the meat from the bones of prey did not just fight hunger, it also exercised the chewing muscles and kept teeth clean.
With the KONG Stuff-A-Ball you can offer your dog just this effect. Boredom and negative behaviour is prevented with this great toy.

The shape of the KONG Stuff-A-Ball makes it roll and bounce in unpredictable ways. This awakens many dog's hunting instincts and they will start to chase, catch and chew this great toy.

The KONG Stuff-A-Ball can be filled with snacks or ordinary food - reward your dog for the "hard work" and double the fun!


Large: for dogs 15 - 30 kg
Diameter: approx. 9cm

Please note: As with all products, your pet should be supervised when playing. Please check the toy regularly for damage and replace it if damaged or if parts are missing, as there may be a possibility of injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

15/03/21 | Colin
: 5/5

Excellent product

My Belgian mallios has been chewing on this every day since she was a pup and it still looks like new.every dog owner needs to get this product .it provides an hour or more of entertainment for a dog when you put kibble in the slits .My dogs still chew and play with it without kibble in it every day.
09/12/20 | Katarzyna
: 5/5

Great toy

Wery strong, keep my dog busy for long time, highly recommended
: 4/5

Good toy but smells so bad!

Would give it 5 stars but the weird smell off it is really strong, not the other Kong rubber toys. Another review mentions the slight stickiness this develops, and we have that as well. With a hairy dog about, it's like a giant hairball! However, she really enjoys it, and didn't manage to destroy it yet, so that's good!
24/01/18 | Vesper
: 5/5

Tough toy

I have a patterdor that loves to destroy all toys. Not managed to wreck this yet! Keeps him entertained for around 20 minutes. A little dubious due to the price, as sometimes I might as well just give him £10 notes to chew on.
21/10/17 | Katrina
: 5/5

My German Shepherd loves it

The ball is great. I stuff it with my dog's normal dry food. I really like that you can stuff it inside and in the little ridges. Even when there is no food he plays with it as if he would with the ball. 3 in 1 really.
: 5/5

The best!

My three dogs love their Stuff-a-Balls stuffed with dog biscuits and peanut butter.
23/02/16 | Dave
: 3/5

Not Staffie proof, unfortunately (but what is??)

We've tried lots of Kong products, for our Staffie Henry. Most of which he's still got. This one was great for a while. Gave him loads of fun. But, after a while, one of the 'spines' got a tear in it and that was the end of the Stuff-a-Ball. He did enjoy ripping chunks off of it though!!
08/09/15 | wheelie Fi
: 4/5

My dog loves it, the problems are maintaining it

As all the other reviews have been saying, this is a great fun toy which can keep your dog busy for ages, you can vary the challenge, and put some of your dogs regular food in to keep the number or treats down. The disappointments came with cleaning the ball, it is really hard to clean, I tried several brushes and a special rubber gadget for cleaning awkward spaces, but nothing got all the little bits left out of the sides without using my fingernail to run down each ridge inside each gap round the outside, this would take me ages. Also after a while I think all the play and washing may have removed a layer as it was then slightly sticky on the outside, so drying was impossible as the kitchen roll started sticking to it, and it picked up all sorts of dirt and fluff as it rolled around. That said my golden retriever still loves it (I just hide it a lot as I can't be bothered to clean it!)
13/06/15 | Danae
: 5/5

Great Kong Product

We have a 1yr old GWP, hes completely obsessed with this ball, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night he won't leave it alone,at every opportunity its planted in someones lap in the hope that it will be thrown for him,the only toys he hasn't manage to chew up are Kong toys!Another great Kong product
03/11/13 | Hels
: 5/5


This toy is fantastic. We bought a large one for our 8 month old border collie pup. He loves it whether there is a treat in it or not. He can rip through toys very quickly but not this one. This toy is solid! He chases it, chews at it, goes crazy trying to find the treat in it and lobs it around everywhere. All in all i am so happy with my purchase.
30/04/13 | Sue Carter
: 5/5

So far indestructable

Our German Shepherd (Diesel the Destroyer) has chewed up and spat out every toy he's had so far - except this one. We put gravy bones inside or pate paste in the ridges of the outside and he is kept occupied for ages. Good old Kong.
: 5/5

Well worth getting!

My dog is normally hard to keep occupied for long but for some reasons he loves this toy! He keeps chewing and chewing till he gets the last treat out of the ball. Also, it is very easy to clean. Brilliant!
: 5/5

Fabulous Value for Money

This toy has been chewed and chewed and bounced and chewed some more. It seems indestructable !!!! I would highly recommend it. It doesn't even need to have any treats in as my dog plays with it for ages anyway
30/09/10 | Agnes
: 4/5

Good for pup

My pup like it. Dose not not play all the time but when is bored and want something nice to eat, here we go..Roll the weird ball;)Good when you leave your puppy alone!!