KONG Tugger Knots Frog

: 4/5
Robust frog-shaped dog toy made with rope, ideal for vigorous tugging or biting games and designed to keep your dog entertained. It has a soft cotton fibre surface and an integrated squeaker inside....further information
Product description
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
KONG Tugger Knots Frog
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Product description

Robust frog-shaped dog toy made with rope, ideal for vigorous tugging or biting games and designed to keep your dog entertained. It has a soft cotton fibre surface and an integrated squeaker inside.

The KONG Tugger Knots Frog is the perfect toy for interactive tug of war games with your dog. The dog toy has a soft, cuddly surface made from cotton fibre and has a rope on either end.
The KONG Tugger Knots Frog squeaks and can withstand the wildest tests of strength! If your dog loves games of tug of war, this toy is the perfect choice and is particularly robust and has an integrated rope on either end. The cute frog has a soft cotton fibre surface, perfect for cuddling and snuggling! After a day of vigorous play, your dog can take the KONG Tugger Knots Frog to its bed and settle down for a snooze.
The KONG Tugger Knots Frog has an integrated squeaker inside that makes noise when your dog starts to play. This helps to awaken the playing instincts, with ropes sticking out of either end and tied together within, to ensure the rope remains an integral part of the toy. These rope loops on either end of the KONG Tugger Knots Frog are perfectly designed so that you can hold one end and your dog the other, for the ultimate test of strength!

KONG Tugger Knots Frog at a glance:
  • Robust dog toy for playing, tugging and cuddling
  • With rope loops at either end
  • Rope knotted together inside the toy
  • With squeaker: activates with rigorous play
  • Soft surface perfect for cuddling
  • Colour: green/yellow
  • Material: cotton fibre
  • Size:
    • Length: approx. 33cm
    • Rope diameter: 1cm
    • Weight: approx. 165g

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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12/07/23|Lurcher mama.
: 4/5
Fun while he lasted.
Bought this guy for my Lurcher who had lots of fun with him. Sadly our boy passed away and this little guy was then given to our Beagle, who finished him off in less that 15 minutes. Would buy him again, I’d just hide him from the small dogs..
: 3/5
Slightly better than average
My dog is an active chewer, anything that could possibly come apart, my dog will make it his mission to open it up....and he did within a day. The frog part had to be stitched and restitched within a week so in the end I just removed all stuffing at let my dog go at it. Overall it lasted about 6 weeks but looked pretty miserable, frayed everywhere and strings were falling off from the rope so it got the bin but surviving 6 weeks was a new record for my dog!
: 4/5
Lovely toy
Very lovely toy, my French Bulldog puppy loves it. It's his favorite toy by far. He was able to rip the string off though and he is only 4 months old, not sure how long the toy would hold if your dog is bigger and stronger than my pup. Regardless he loves it, I will probably buy it again in the future
: 3/5
It's ok
This product lasted 6 weeks before it ripped from my Belgian mallios pup but I'm sure it would be an excellent product for a small light chewing dog
: 4/5
Beagle Best
Of all the toys purchased this is the toughest and most favourite toy. We have 3 at different addresses and they are always first out of the toy box. Only 1 has been disembowelled but is still useful. Good value.
: 4/5
Beagle Best
Of all the toys purchased in 2 years, this is a real favourite and has lasted the longest. The first one has been disembowelled but the rope is still intact and the latest purchase is still completely intact. Very robust as it gets a real battering!
: 3/5
Good toy but not so durable
It is a good toy for a dog who does`nt chew his toys so much. My dog is a total destroyer so he chewd frogs legs off with 3h after he got the toy and so on. (Toy was broken after 1 day use) In the end he only had the rope but this was destroyd as well.
: 5/5
Favoured beagle toy
All 4 of my beagles just love this. Its tough and is standing up to tug-o-war games really well. They have buried it, recovered it, chewed it, pulled at it, played chases with it and its still as good as new. Think this one will be around a long time.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
My dog loves it!
My dog usually only plays with tennis balls and he LOVES them no exaggeration! But this toy he also loves, I'm not sure why but he's obsessed. He did shred one rope but it's not a problem.
: 5/5
Robust toy
My 11 week miniature poodle pup loves it at the first sight lol... This tigger knots frog is very well made and long lasting, it remains the same condition as new after tons of biting and chewing... Kong squeaker ball cannot last for 2 weeks for my puppy... This frog toy somehow does:)) very happy with the purchase. Great value, too.
: 5/5
Lasting well with my lab puppy, although we have lost the squeak from it. Well made and seems very durable. Would recommend
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Excellent - not destroyed by enthusiastic Malamute!
This is the only soft toy I've bought for my Malamute that has lasted really well.She chews it and tugs it, gets it wet and soggy in the garden and it's still in good usable condition after about 8 months.I am just about to buy another one for while I'm washing and drying this one. Even if eventually she gets the outer off it is still designed so the rope inside will still work as a tug toy. Whereas all other soft toys I've bought she has destroyed in a day or a week and there is nothing left to show for the money. Last but not least she loves it and chooses this toy to bring to me at play time.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
best toy
I have 2 dogs a cocker spaniel and a golden retriever that seem to destroy everything within minutes. I bought this for them at Christmas and its still going strong and its the middle of January now,there are some signs of wear but between the both of them this has been great. I always find that the KONG make fab and would rather pay out and have something that lasts longer than 10 minutes.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk