KONG Scrunch Knots Fox

: 5/5
This crazy toy scrunches around an internal coiled rope and has stretchy sides for realistic movement. The toy is fluffy yet durable, and there is an integrated squeaker in the head of the fox....further information
Product description
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
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KONG Scrunch Knots Fox

- Small/Medium

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Product description

This crazy toy scrunches around an internal coiled rope and has stretchy sides for realistic movement. The toy is fluffy yet durable, and there is an integrated squeaker in the head of the fox.

Your dog will never get enough of the KONG Scrunch Knots Fox! The snuggly fox doesn’t just look good on the surface, it’s also packing a punch underneath the soft fur. A robust coiled rope with flexible sides makes the fox especially durable and realistic. This means the toy will keep your dog happy for a long time. The KONG Scrunch Knots Fox does not have a lot of filling, so is best suited to light or medium strength chewers. The fox is perfect for a game of tug, and the integrated squeaker will get your dog even more excited. You can buy this toy in various sizes.

The KONG Scrunch Knots Fox at a glance:

  • Cuddly dog toy which looks like a little fox
  • For games of tug as well as playing alone
  • Integrated coiled rope for lots of fun
  • Stretchy sides for realistic movements
  • Robustly made with only a small amount of filling
  • Squeaker in the head to make games of tug even more exciting
  • Available in different sizes, for light and medium strength chewers
  • Colour: Orange / White
  • Material: polyester fur (outer) / cotton rope (inner)
  • Size:
    • S/M: 26.5 x 8 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
    • M/L: 40 x 11 x 8 cm (L x W x H)

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

10/08/21|Eleanor Browne
: 1/5
7 Month Old Beagle
Unfortunately our Beagle Puppy destroyed this in under 5 mins was hopeful as he has another Kong Knots Bear which had lasted months
03/08/21|nicci nolan
: 3/5
Puppy loves it but ripped in days!
My puppy loves this toy and has had great fun flicking it about the place. She is a big chewer however, and has ripped through the outer body and has revealed the rope beneath. Still a bit of wear left in it but unfortunately it won't last long in this house!
: 3/5
Not as durable as I expected
Very nice toy and my 8 week old puppy was really enjoying it, until the head started to come off in less than two days of use.
: 5/5
the favourite
our girl's favourite toy - been playing with it with it for 5 months, basically every day, and no rips ir tears to date, easy to wash. the only downside is the squeaky going silent (probably chewed through inside) after a couple of months, but just today it miraculously started squeaking again!
06/10/19|Débora Luiza Scussiatto
: 5/5
Really this fox is very resistant. I have a french bulldog and he always rips the bears in a few days. This is being the longest lasting toy
: 4/5
Let down by bad sewing!
Wanted a tough but soft toy for my gsd pup to play tug with. He was 8 weeks old and hardly interacted with it, certainly no tug games but within first week the head came off, not due to the pup but the shoddy loose stitching that was never meant to hold a toy together let alone eventually play tug games. I have restitched head on properly and now the toy is doing fine with daily tug games with pup npw 15 weeks old and having great fun. Pitty that Kong do not check the standard of workmanship!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Scrunch Knots Fox
We bought this for our golden retriever puppy and it is long lasting. The rope on the inside is slightly stretchy which is good fun. She really enjoys playing with her fox.
: 5/5
Felicity Fox is a big and lasting favourite, both with our tiny puppy and with a brute of a big Flatcoat who can usually destroy any toy in two minutes flat but finds he can do nothing unpleasant to Felicity..
: 5/5
This is the second one I have bought for my dog. He always loved it but he ripped it apart after 3 months... I give this maximally 7 months...
: 5/5
superb, doesn't get much better
A really nice, basically impeccable dog toy. Really good!
: 5/5
Good and sturdy quality
Even our boxer hasn't managed to break it yet, and our other dogs also carry it around all the time. recommendable.
: 5/5
We are super happy with the fox. It's shaken and carried around, made noise with...but hasn't broken yet. We like it and our dog is happy.
: 5/5
Great toy
Our dog has had the fox for a year now and hasn't broken it yet, although he doesn't usually break things anyway. Since half a year ago we also have a mixed breed pit bull who absolutely loves this. She has literally adopted the fox and takes it everywhere. It also had to serve in tough fights between the two, all of which it has survived. We would always buy it again in case it finally faded away....
: 5/5
Good as long as you look after it
My dog really likes the fox. She likes nibbling on it, but always is careful. My other dog also likes it, but obviously tried to break it immediately. he obviously wouldn't have survived that for too long. Also good for tugging.
: 5/5
Test passed
Our dachshund normally manages to break everything within 10 minutes. The fox has already survived 2 days and has even been allowed to move into our dogs basket.
: 5/5
All I can say about endurance is that this is the best toy in a long time for my boxer, who isn't too careful with his toys, they're usually done within half an hour. The toy is quite good because of the rope inside to hold it together, I sure will buy another one once this one passes away. Price is also okay, other are usually more expensive.
: 5/5
Great fox
Our dog adores the fox. And that in quite a rough way. So far (after about 4 weeks) The fox has survived some pretty tough arguments.... Everything still okay
: 5/5
Too fragile
I have bought the toy in small and large and neither of them survived longer than a few hours. The first time I though tit was just a manufacturing error but after the second time I realized that it is just too fragile.
: 5/5
Not sturdy enough
My 23 puppies who are 3 months love this but its not strong enough.
: 5/5
I am convinced by Kong and their toy, my small dog can't break it..
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