KONG CuteSeas Octopus

: 4/5
Soft and cuddly KONG dog toy in an adorable octopus design. Made from colourful, high-quality corduroy, with an integrated squeaker and crinkle foil to stimulate play. Colour: pink and purple....further information
Product description
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
KONG CuteSeas Octopus
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Product description

Soft and cuddly KONG dog toy in an adorable octopus design. Made from colourful, high-quality corduroy, with an integrated squeaker and crinkle foil to stimulate play. Colour: pink and purple.

The KONG CuteSeas Octopus is made from soft corduroy, making it just the thing for cosy canine cuddles. Its cute octopus design in vibrant pink and purple is sure to make you smile, while the integrated crinkling foil and squeaker will encourage your dog to play. This fun, long-lasting toy is ideal for games of fetch and will keep your dog entertained for hours.

This cute and quirky octopus toy boasts the premium quality you know you can expect from KONG and adds some exciting variety to your dog’s playtime.

KONG CuteSeas Octopus at a glance:

  • Cuddly dog toy in an adorable octopus design
  • With squeaker and crinkle foil: fun sounds stimulate your dog’s desire to play
  • Soft and cuddly: made from cosy corduroy with a high-quality finish
  • Versatile: ideal for cuddles, games of fetch and keeping your dog entertained
  • Colour: pink and purple
  • Material: polyester, polyfil stuffing and plastic squeaker
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 17 x 6 x 6 cm (L x W x H)
    • Large: 32 x 13 x 11 cm (L x W x H)

Please note: No toy is indestructible. As with any other product, please check regularly for damage, and replace if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

: 3/5
Quickly became a septopus
Doggo loved it but pretty much immediately chewed a leg off. Day 2 and a second leg chewed off. No doubt it's a big hit but unfortunately didn't pass the Border Terrier test!
: 5/5
Great quality
Nice colourful toy, it's his new favourite. It seems quite durable too. No rips yet and it still squeaks after first few days of play.
01/01/21|Brian M
: 5/5
brilliant toy
read a good review on here and yes my retriever loves this - its been keeping him occupied non stop since we got it
: 5/5
Retriever’s favourite toy
I got this toy using my Zoopoints for my 6 yo Golden Retriever and it became his favourite toy of all time! I have never seen him being this attached to a toy before, as he walks everywhere with it! It washes very easily, I just put it into the washing machine at 30 degrees and it looks like new afterwards. I wouldn’t say it’s the most durable toy ever, but I don’t think owners of power chewers look at soft toys when buying toys for their dogs, and it’s durable enough for my boy :)
01/08/20|Lucy B
: 5/5
Sammy loves this
Got a few months before toy got torn but easily sewed back up . My Sammy has never played with toys ball etc, but he loves that octopus carries it around takes it on car trips, sleeps with it etc
: 5/5
Strong but still a soft toy
My dogs love this octopus but it's still a soft toy so obviously its not great for tug of war. The dogs have been pretty rough with it and so far it still has all it's legs but there is a rip on the underneath.
: 1/5
Ripped in minutes
My wee doggie had this ripped apart in just a few mins
: 5/5
Excellent indestructable quality.
My Jack Russell loves Octi. I throw, he retrieves and shakes the life out of this toy. So far, he has not damaged Octi at all - proof of durability!
: 5/5
LOVE LOVE LOVE so cheap also
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Great toy!
Size small was perfect for our bichon. She started playing with the toy instantly and it's her favourite at the moment. She loves the squeaker! Has lasted well so far, although our dogs are not chewers.
: 5/5
My dog loves it
My JR mix absolutely Loves this toy! The material looks really sturdy so I think will last for a long time. I recommend it a lot!
: 3/5
Not for the chewers!
This has been so far my favourite looking toy, it's honestly adorable! My 3 month old Podengo pup superglued himself to this toy straight away, was his all time favourite. However once his adult teeth had come though he made pretty quick work of it and had torn a hole in the top half and taken out the squeaker and the stuffing.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
08/07/17|Abigail Frazer
: 5/5
One of my dogs favourites!
The large toy is a fantastic size for my Hungarian vizsla, she absolutely adores it and it's proven to be very durable. We have had it a number of months now and it is still in one piece, would definitely recommend!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
15/05/17|Sean Foran
: 1/5
Lasted 3 minutes
Total waste of money. I have a small terrier who ways 9.5kg and toy was destroyed in 3 minutes. Poor quality.
24/02/17|John F-H
: 5/5
Incredibly durable
I felt compelled to write about this toy because I can't believe how something so cheap has turned out to be so hardy! Our Jack Russell cross has destroyed all previous toys in a matter of a week or so - sometimes in minutes - and when this octopus first arrived I was convinced it would become an 'noctopus' - no limbs! - in a very short space of time. However after over two months of daily chewing - JR absolutely loves it - it is still perfectly intact and still squeaks like it did on day one.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
21/02/17|Sarah Antrum
: 5/5
Excellent toy
My labrador/golden retriever puppy loves this and although we have had it for months, has not damaged it, not for want of trying. This toy has a squeaker in the head, but my dog tends not to squeak it because he just carries it about. The octopus arms make a crinkly sound.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
My 3 dogs love squeaking toys, although the oldest one doesn't like them that much anymore. My 13 month old Dalmatian mix has played with it a lot, everything is still okay.He has also been through the washing machine.
: 5/5
An interesting toy
My German Shepherd puppy loves this octopus. She likes to nibble on it and carries it around all over the house. I have it for 2 weeks now and would definitely order it again if it breaks! I would probably order a bigger size though because the dogs grow.
: 5/5
recommended for moderately chewing dogs
Our french bulldog, who is 5 months old, loves it! The toy is made for moderate chewing and our Loulou hasn't ripped it yet although he plays with it all the time. It is a great toy!
: 5/5
very satisfied
I bought the toy in the small size and am super happy. The toy looks good and my 11 months old chihuahua absolutely adores it. I spent hours playing with him and the octopus.
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