: 3/5
Dynamic dog toy that keeps your pet guessing! It can roll and tip in any direction that your dog won’t be able to predict, and can be filled with tasty treats or dry food to keep your dog’s attention!...further information
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Product description

Dynamic dog toy that keeps your pet guessing! It can roll and tip in any direction that your dog won’t be able to predict, and can be filled with tasty treats or dry food to keep your dog’s attention!

This unpredictable rolling and tipping KONG Gyro is bound to fascinate your dog for hours on end! The stable red ring stays firmly in place, fastened to a dynamic rolling blue ball that can be filled with treats or dry kibble. Your pet will quickly learn that it needs to bump and roll the KONG Gyro around in order to earn itself something tasty to chew! Every now and then treats will fall from the ball, rewarding your dog for its efforts and encouraging it to keep playing.

The cleverly-designed tumbling feeding toy is ideal for keeping your dog occupied, particularly if you do not have time to play. The KONG Gyro can easily be filled with your dog’s favourite snacks and will not only offer enjoyment but will also text your dog’s skilfulness! The upper half of the ball can easily be unscrewed and removed in order to fill the ball and clean it, then simply screwed back on. Let the fun begin! The KONG Gyro is made from extra strong materials that make it strong and reliable. Treat your dog to this top quality toy from premium producer KONG.
KONG Gyro at a glance:

  • Interactive toy for dogs
  • Stimulates your dog’s playfulness: with its fascinating dynamic movements
  • Versatile and varied fun: the rolling, tipping and turning with encourage your dog to bump the ball and move it around
  • Can be filled with treats: these will fall from the ball as your dog learns to roll it around, testing skilfulness and encouraging continued play
  • Long-lasting fun: your dog will even be entertained when it is alone
  • Quality and safety: produced with robust materials to high quality standards
  • Colour: red, blue
  • Material:
    • Ring: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
    • Ball: plastic (polypropylene)
  • Total dimensions:
    • Size S:
      • Ring: diameter 12cm
      • Ball: diameter 7cm
      • Opening: diameter 2cm
    • Size L:
      • Ring: diameter 17.5cm
      • Ball: diameter 9cm
      • Opening: diameter 2cm

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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03/05/23|Tomás Ó Ruairc
: 3/5
Great idea - could be better
We bought this for a border collie / setter mix. It really got his brain going and was a great way to give him a feed while keeping him active and stimulated. But he worked out that one way to get food out was to pick it up and simply drop it. This meant that it cracked within a month and broke competently after two. Perhaps the ball itself could be wrapped in a soft rubber to lessen the impact of falls and bangs. We may get another but there will have to be a limit!
: 5/5
French bulldog loves it
I can't find the small one to review because that's the one I have, but I'll leave a review here anyway. My Little French bulldog is very treat motivated and doesn't play with any toys that don't smell of treats. She LOVES this toy and figured out straight away how to play with it. I didn't even think of filling it with food, but that's how I'm gonna feed her dinner today! Keeps her occupied. She loves it so I love it.
: 3/5
Great feeder but not robust enough
My Labrador really enjoyed this feeder but it’s just not robust enough. The little plastic tabs that secure the inner blue sphere into the red ring are too fragile and they broke within a few months of using the feeder once a week. That being said I still put treats into the blue ball and she chases that around the room and she loves playing fetch with the red ring so it still gets used and hasn’t ended up in landfill but I would have preferred it had lasted longer in one piece!
: 2/5
Not impressed.
As the owner of a hyper active husky, kong toys are a god send for me. However with this toy I was not impressed. It is made of a cheap plastic that my dog managed to chew through in a week. Although it did keep him entertained the plastic cut his gums when chewing it so it ultimately ended up in the bin. Not impressed.
: 4/5
It entertains my dog
Once filled with treats it really does entertain my dog. He chases it around the floor. However, he also likes chewing it and it survived whole for several weeks. He decided that he prefers chewing it. He is a very strong chewer and weighs around 35 kg so it hasn't survived. it ends up as small pieces of plastic around an inch long at the most. They are not sharp and haven't injured my dog at all.I have bought a new one as it kept him entertained for a couple of months.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk