Grunting Latex Squeaker Pig Toy
Grunting Latex Squeaker Pig Toy

Grunting Latex Squeaker Pig Toy

A fun toy for dogs, with an original grunting pig noise which animates as your dog plays with it. This squeaker toy is made of tough latex, it is easy to grip and has a polyester fleece filling...further information
Product description
Fun toy: "Izzy plays 'find the pig' daily and loves it!"

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approx. 15cm, pink
approx. 23cm, pink
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Product description

A fun toy for dogs, with an original grunting pig noise which animates as your dog plays with it. This squeaker toy is made of tough latex, it is easy to grip and has a polyester fleece filling

This Grunting Latex Squeaker Pig Toy brings renewed playtime fun to your dog. The tough latex toy has a polyester fleece filler and is incredibly easy to hold in your pet's mouth. The squeaker in the pig toy makes grunting sounds, making it sound really realistic and encouraging your pet to play more.

General information regarding latex dog toys:
Latex dog toys are especially well-suited for young dogs because puppies and young dogs still have very sharp teeth and tend to not just bite their toys, but to tear them apart and may swallow pieces. Since latex won't become hard in the stomach and intestines, it can normally pass without a problem. This means that swallowing a small piece of the toy generally shouldn't be a problem. Nonetheless, dogs should always be supervised when playing with latex toys.


Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


Latest user reviews

: 1/5

Lasted about an hour

Not durable
03/08/21 | Jennifer B
: 5/5

Fun toy

Izzy plays 'find the pig' daily and loves it!
19/06/18 | Amy
: 5/5

Better quality than those in a pet shop

Ours is still going :-( my poor ears. Cheaper and better quality than those in a pet shop
Originally published in
25/03/18 | Viv
: 5/5


Our Great Dane ADORES this and rests her head on it and howls. Marvellous. She searches for it if she can't find it and it is not damaged at all (but then she is in love with it).
Originally published in
14/11/17 | Simon
: 4/5

My Chocolate Lab Adores It

This is our second Squeaky Pig. First one was grey, but identical and had lasted about 2 years, although the squeaker was gone pretty quickly after purchase. Our lab is so soft mouthed with latex toys such as this and the chicken we have for him. Only recently a couple of tears appeared in the grey piggy, so we thought we would get him a new one. The new one is identical but it's pink, more realistic lol. One happy lab. We are having bets on how long the squeaker lasts.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Loves it!

My pug loves this toy! Definitely her favourite so far.
06/10/15 | Sue
: 5/5

Grunting pig

my westie loves this toy. the only toy he is interested in. Long lasting and he is destructive. Zooplus is the best value around for this toy.
Originally published in
28/05/14 | Karolina
: 3/5

Not strong enough

My 11 month labrador loves this toy. It was third time when I ordered it but unfortunately it took just one day to destroy it:-( so it not so strong like it suppose to be.
Originally published in
30/04/13 | Sarah
: 5/5

Excellent Toy

My dog absolutely loves this toy, the noise the texture, the size. Fantastic and seems to last!
Originally published in
18/09/12 | Dee
: 5/5

Favourite toy ever!

This is my 6 month old little yorkie's favourtie toy. She has the little one in pink and grey. She wrestles with it runs around with it (more like drags it around as she is quite tiny). Hours of fun. So far very durable. Milly gives it 5 stars and recommends that all furry friends NEED one asap!! :)
Originally published in
12/09/11 | Mspv
: 5/5

The ultimate toy for my Pif dog

A well-made toy with incredible oinking sound. It became a favorite toy of my dog. You may watch him playing with the toy here:
Originally published in
07/02/11 | Saxa21
: 3/5

Lasted 30min

It's good quality tpy but my 8 year old labrador manages to bite off the snout after just 30min of play.
Originally published in
15/12/10 | Jason
: 5/5

All Time Favourite

I have a beagle who has never chased a ball in her life. But she never stops chasing the pig. The pig lasts about 8 to 12 months which for the price is pretty decent value.
Originally published in
20/09/10 | annmarie brannigan
: 2/5

not durable

We had great fun with this pig for about one hour with our dog. She went mad for the sound however I was disapointed that she managed to destroy it in one hour. The hard bit that opens out inside the mouth was too much to resist. She is a big dog and loves too chew although she doesn't need a black kong the red is fine for her if that gives you an idea.I felt it was too pricey for one hour of fun.
04/03/10 | HJD
: 5/5

Brilliant toy

My Bouvier des Flandres tries like mad to tear up the pig but so far hasn't been successful. It's his favourite toy of any he has ever had and it's our favourite because it's still around and in one piece.
Originally published in
14/05/09 | Kay
: 5/5

it will not break!

My dog has had this pig for a almost a year, she plays with it constantly and it yet it is still not destroyed! All our friends recongnise the sound of that grunting now : )
Originally published in