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Latex Squeaker Egg with Chicken Surprise Dog Toy

Product description

Latex Squeaker Egg with Chicken Surprise Dog Toy 5 3
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1 toy, approx. diameter 6 x H 8 cm
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Product description

This fun, soft latex dog toy with a loud, integrated squeaker has a pop-up surprise. Press the egg-shaped toy and a little chicken appears. Suitable for puppies and small dogs. No colour selection.
The Latex Squeaker Egg with Chicken Surprise is a brightly coloured dog toy that is perfect for smaller dogs. Made from soft, pliable latex, this toy has an integrated squeaker that will grab your dog's attention. Dogs tend to approach new toys cautiously, becoming bolder as they investigate. Watch how your dog sniffs the latex egg first, then touches it with a paw, then presses it... and surprise, surprise - out pops a cheeky chick! Before your dog realises what has happened, the little chick has disappeared. Enjoy your dog's amazement as it goes back time and time again to try and work out where the little chicken came from! A fascinating, fun dog toy.

Warning: Not for larger dogs. This toy is only 8cm high, so it is only suitable for young dogs and small breed dogs. It should not be given to larger dogs as they could swallow it whole.

Latex dog toys are especially well-suited for young dogs because puppies and young dogs still have very sharp teeth and tend to not just bite their toys, but to tear them apart and may swallow pieces. Since latex won't become hard in the stomach and intestines, it can normally pass without a problem. This means that swallowing a small piece of the toy generally shouldn't be a problem. Nonetheless, dogs should always be supervised when playing with latex toys.

Latex Squeaker Egg with Chicken Surprise Dog Toy at a glance:
  • Fun toy for small dogs
  • With surprise: when pressed, a small chick pops out of the egg
  • Integrated squeaker: the lout squeaker animates your dog to play
  • Soft latex: does not cause problems if small pieces are swallowed
  • Ingenious toy: will keep your dog amused for ages
  • Colour: various bright colour combinations – there is no colour choice
  • Material: latex
  • Dimensions: approx. diameter 6 x H 8 cm (approx. H 11cm with popped out chicken)
Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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