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Pigs’ and Cows’ Ears Mixed Trial Pack

Product description

Pigs’ and Cows’ Ears Mixed Trial Pack 5 12
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2 x 10 Ears
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Product description

Firm favourites with dogs everywhere: 10 Pigs’ Ears for intensive chewing and 10 tasty Cows’ Ears for sustained chewing fun. Now in a double pack at a great price!
Feeding your dog snacks between meals is a sensible way to supplement its diet. Whether the snacks are as a reward, or to help to clean your dog’s teeth, many dogs can’t imagine living without pigs’ or cows’ ears. Now you can discover the advantages of feeding your dog cows’ and pigs’ ears thanks to this new mixed double pack:
  • 10 Pigs’ ears: fatty, intensive chewing enjoyment for your dog, that also makes for a very healthy between-meal snack
  • 10 Rocco Cows’ ears: savoury, low-fat and long lasting chews, that help to strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles
Carefully dried in a fan oven at 130°C, without smoke or spices. Dried ears from cows and pigs are natural products, so sizes and colours may vary.

Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Fresh water should be provided at all times.

Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Switzerland!

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