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Chewies Coffeewood Chew

Product description

Chewies Coffeewood Chew 5 1
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1 chew: M (200g), for dogs <20 kg
(€5.00 / 100g)
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1 chew: L (300g), for dogs <30 kg
(€4.16 / 100g)
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2 chews: M (200g), for dogs <20 kg
individually priced €19.98
Now €17.49
(€4.37 / 100g)
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2 chews: L (300g), for dogs <30 kg
individually priced €24.98
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Product description

Coffeewood is an especially hard, close-grained wood harvested from the coffee bean plant. The wood is hypoallergenic and natural, letting dogs sate their chewing needs and keeping their teeth clean.
A Chewies Coffeewood Chew is a way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and give them a satisfying chew at the same time. When your dog chews on coffee wood, the wood releases small fibres that have a similar effect to dental floss on your dog’s teeth. Chewing on coffeewood is perfectly safe and the fibres that come from the wood can be swallowed and digested without any harm to your dog. The dog chew stick mechanically cleans the teeth and also strengthens the jaw muscles.

This natural chew for dogs does not have any ingredients of animal origin or artificial additives. The wood dog chew is zero-calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. This means that coffeewood is ideal for dogs with allergies and makes a great alternative to meat chews or chews that contain carbs or sugar. These wood chews come in different lengths and diameters, to suit each individual dog’s jaw size. Chewies Coffewood Chews are an eco-friendly chew with added chewing and oralcare benefits.

Chewies Coffeewood Chew at a glance:

  • Chew stick for dogs
  • 100% natural: no artificial additives and free from ingredients of animal origin. Also suitable for dogs with allergies
  • Especially hard wood from the coffee bean plant: ensures a long-lasting chew and keeps your dog occupied
  • Oralcare: promotes mechanical cleaning of the teeth and strengthens the jaw muscles
  • Dental floss effect: chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibres that have an additional cleaning effect on the teeth
  • Non-toxic: wood that does not splinter, with fibres that can pass harmlessly through the dog’s system
  • Sates the natural need to chew
  • Zero calories: ideal alternative to chews that contain fat or sugar
  • 2 sizes: to suit your dog’s jaw size. This natural product is subject to natural variations in weight and shape
    • Size M: approx. 200 - 280g, 15 - 30cm long, diameter 3 - 7cm, for dogs weighing <20 kg
    • Size L: approx. 280 - 500g, 15 - 30cm long, diameter 5 - 10cm, for dogs weighing <20 kg



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