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Chewies Root Chews

Product description

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Product description

100% natural dog chews made from environmentally-friendly Mediterranean hardwood. This long-lasting, non-splintering chew treat can help to promote dental hygiene. Suitable for dogs of all breeds.
Chewies Root Chews made from 100% untreated Mediterranean hardwood will satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew, while also having a beneficial tooth-cleaning effect. Chewing on this natural root releases small fibres that can help to reduce existing plaque and prevent plaque build-up. This fun chew is also splinter-free, making it completely safe for your dog.

Most dogs will take to the Chewies Root Chew immediately, but you can also make the chew extra appealing by adding a small amount of liver pâté. This will help to stimulate your dog’s natural urge to strengthen his jaws and clean his teeth.

This natural product is tough and long-lasting, offering your dog months of chewing fun and related medicinal benefits. The environmentally-friendly dental chew is made from the roots of a special variety of heather, which are harvested in an ecologically-appropriate way and kept in their natural state, free from chemical additives and artificial flavourings.

Should your pet accidentally swallow any loose fibres while enjoying this chew, these will simply pass through your dog's digestive system before being excreted naturally.

Chewies Root Chews at a glance:


  • Natural dog chews
  • Tooth-cleaning effect: chewing on the root causes it to shed small fibres that can reduce existing plaque and prevent plaque build-up
  • Extra long-lasting: tough natural product for months of chewing fun
  • 100% natural: made from Mediterranean hardwood roots harvested in an ecologically-appropriate way
  • Well-accepted chews: stimulate your dog’s natural urge to chew
  • No additives
Size guide for Chewies Root Chews:



Size Weight Dimensions
S approx. 150g approx. 9 x 7 x 6 cm
L approx. 300g approx. 18 x 10 x 12 cm


Chewies Root Chews are a natural product and will therefore show signs of significant natural variation. The size and weight measurements above are given only as a guide.

Please note: As soon as the Chewies chewing root has reached a size that your dog could swallow, please replace it with a new root.


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