Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast

: 5/5
These delicious chewy snacks are made from 93% wholesome chicken and are bound to be a firm favourite with your dog - they are grain-free, low in fat and easy to digest....further information
Product description
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
Rocco Chings Originals Chicken Breast
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Product description

These delicious chewy snacks are made from 93% wholesome chicken and are bound to be a firm favourite with your dog - they are grain-free, low in fat and easy to digest.

New design! Now you can enjoy your favourite Rocco Chings Originals snacks in a new pack design! In the changeover period you may be provided with products in either packaging.

Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast are made of fresh meat - no meat meal, no meat by-products - and are carefully air-dried to preserve their natural goodness and flavour. The high quality chicken fillet used is low in fat and especially easy to digest, making these treats suitable for overweight dogs, or dogs with sensitive digestions. With Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast your dog can enjoy a crispy treat made from real meat - totally free from colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Your dog will love this top quality snack - Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast are really the best treat you can get. Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast are made of 93% finest chicken fillet - a classic, just how your dog loves it. The convenient resealable pouch keeps the treats fresh for longer: just open and reward, again and again. Your dog will love you even more when you open a pack of deliciously meaty Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast!

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Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


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93% chicken breast fillet, vegetable by-products, minerals
No preservatives or grains

Please note: this product may contain potato starch.

Analytical constituents

protein55.0 %
fat3.0 %
fibre1.7 %
ash4.0 %
moisture18.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Feed Rocco Chings Originals Dried Chicken Breast as an addition to daily meals, as a treat or a reward for good behaviour. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.


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Latest user reviews

11/05/22 | Phil
: 1/5

Not like before

I've bought hundreds of bags for my 5 adopted dogs. They were the best treat available for years...but lately quality has dropped dramatically...twice I received dark strips of hard chew with slightly burned smell... before the strips were golden brown and has a wonderful smell of cooked chicken... will no longer buy this ...
: 3/5

Dog loves them but no longer 100%

My dog loves these. I’m disappointed because they used to be 100% chicken but now only seem to be 93%. I’m not a fan of the words “derivatives of vegetable origin” and wish I realised before buying 4 more packs.
: 5/5

Great protein shots for a fussy dog!

We are dealing with an anorexic young bitch (being tested for health problems) and getting her to eat any kind of volume is tricky, so a dehydrated chicken breast is a good way of making sure she gets something if she's not eating much in the day.
16/10/18 | Sue Taff
: 5/5

Love the Ching things

My dog gets bored with most snacks but never tired of Chings. She loves them.
Originally published in
23/07/18 | MISS STEWART
: 5/5


Originally published in
: 5/5

Very good product

These are good value and both of my terriers absolutely love them. They dont take long to eat, even for small dogs but a little longer than just a regular biscuit etc and i know these are much better for them.
28/02/18 | linda thompson
: 5/5


my dogs love these treats
Originally published in
05/12/17 | Lesley Evans
: 5/5

No other treat will do!

My GSD is not food driven, but absolutely loves these treats! She spits other treats out if I try to give her something different and patiently stands by the treats bag until she gets the right one!
Originally published in
12/09/17 | Angela K
: 5/5

Our dog's favourite treat

Our pet has been enjoying these chicken breast strips since he was a puppy. He's now five and they are still his favourite. Pure chicken breast just dried and with nothing added and nothing artificial they are an excellent treat and for small dogs you can break the strips into small pieces. All his friends love them too. While he will turn up his nose at many shop bought treats, he always welcomes these chicken strips from zooplus
Originally published in
18/06/17 | Louise Stansfiels
: 5/5

Cat'slike them too!!

My dogs absolutely love these, they are really picky when it comes to dog treats and they are good on there tummies, my cats have to get in on treat time too and if you break them up into smaller pieces they love them as much as the dogs you only have to pick up the packet and they all come running for treats. Best product yet and I would highly recommend them.
Originally published in
06/05/17 | Ronnie from Staffs UK
: 5/5

Suit my dogs tummy

These are excellent treats my dog has a sensitive tummy and the cheaper treats that you can buy always give him the runs but these don't affect him at all and what's more he loves them.
Originally published in
27/03/17 | Peachface1
: 5/5

Best treats I can find

No nasties in these wonderful piece of meat. My dog loves them; and why wouldn't he, they are what dogs are suppose to eat. 100 per cent dried quality meat.
Originally published in
14/02/17 | Donna Craig
: 5/5

Fussy pugs love these!

I own pugs & they absolutly love these,I make sure to order them Rocco chings with every order..If I could give these a 10 star rating I would! Very popular treats.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Great quality, loved by four dogs

The best value chicken breast treat we have seen, much appreciated by all four of our terriers ... nice special treat size. They can be fussy about treats, but never a problem with these. We have now bought several packs and will continue to do so
06/02/17 | roobarb
: 4/5

great treat

good for fussy eaters! don't take much chewing, but still a nice healthy treat. lots in the bag!
Originally published in
: 5/5


My pooch, Harvey, loves these treats so much that he taps the cupboard door where they are kept when he thinks he deserves one. Excellent treat and very good value
: 5/5


yay a meaty treat that is a good size good for sensitive tummy's and good value. my 5 moth old black lab has high intolerance to a lot of ingredients in dog treats but these go down well and stay down and don't give her bad tum.
27/10/16 | Clare
: 5/5


My dog loves these so much so that if I want to brush her witch she hates, I show her the packet and she lets me brush her and drools the whole time looking at the pack knowing she will get one after she has been brushed x
Originally published in
26/05/16 | colin
: 5/5

My dogs love them!!

A bit expensive for the quantity especially if you have a 70Kg giant breed dog (which means a packet can last 60 seconds). All my dogs love them however and they really suit their digestive system. Pure protein.
: 5/5

Loves them !

My Lhasa Apso is a very fussy eater but he absolutely loves these,very good value for money too packs are much bigger than I expected.