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Bosch Fruitees (semi-moist)

Product description

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Product description

Grain-free* semi-moist mini-bone shaped snack with poultry, and no added sugar, colourings or flavourings. Packed in a re-sealable ‘Soft-Lift-Cup’ - ideal to use as a reward during training.
When you are training a dog, positive reinforcement of good behavior is a key strategy for success. Bosch Fruitees are designed with dog training in mind, being both the ideal shape and size for a tasty reward. The little bone-shaped snacks can be eaten up quickly, without distracting the dog for too long from the matter in hand. The delicious snacks contain 20% meat from poultry or venison combined with dried fruit, and they also have a high residual moisture content of 28%, making them semi-moist and very enjoyable for most dogs. Bosch Fruitees contain no added grain*! To ensure that the snacks are healthy for your dog, no sugar, flavourings or colourings have been added. Thanks to the practical, re-sealable ‘Soft-Lift-Cup’, the Fruitees remain fresh and soft, right up to the last bite.

Bosch Fruitees at a glance:
  • Meaty, fruity snack – great as a reward
  • Ideal for positive reinforcement of good behaviour in your dog, particularly as part of formal training
  • Mini-Bone shape: Designed to be eaten quickly so that the dog is not distracted from the training task
  • 20% meat from premium poultry, venison or pheasant
  • Semi-moist: Soft consistency means dogs are unlikely to reject the snacks, and they love the taste
  • No grain*: easy to digest and also great for dogs with allergies
  • Made in Germany
  • No added sugar
  • No added colourings or flavourings
  • In a practical, re-sealable ‘Soft-Lift-Cup’, to keep the treats soft and in good condition

*Allergy information: may contain traces of grain.

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


Fresh poultry (min. 20%), dried potatoes, potato protein, dried peas, dried apple (min. 4%), pea protein, liver meal, gelatin, cellulose fibres, sodium chloride, di-calcium phosphate.
Fresh poultry (min. 20%), dried potatoes, potato protein, dried peas, dried banana (min. 4%), pea protein, liver meal, gelatin, cellulose fibres, sodium chloride, di-calcium phosphate.
Venison & Cranberry:
Fresh venison (20%), potato starch, dried potatoes, potato protein, dried peas, dried cranberries (4%), pea protein, cellulose fibres, sodium chloride, di-calcium phosphate.


Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (5000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (500 IU/kg), vitamin E (40mg/kg), copper [as copper-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (12mg/kg).
Technological additives:
Antioxidants, preservatives.

Analytical constituents

protein 20.0 %
fat 4.0 %
fibre 2.0 %
ash 3.8 %
calcium 0.45 %
phosphorus 0.35 %
magnesium 0.05 %
potassium 0.7 %
sodium 0.25 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Bosch Fruitees is a supplementary food for dogs.


Dog’s weight No. of snacks per Day (biscuits)
2.5 - 15kg 15 - 60
15 - 30kg 61 - 105
30 - 60kg 105 - 175


Please ensure your dog always has fresh supply of drinking water. Bear the dog's snack intake in mind when calculating your dog’s total food intake per day.


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